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Some Life Lessons that You Should Teach your Child If they are in Kindergarten

Going to a kindergarten is the first step a child takes outside the safe space of a family. It works as a year of building a strong foundation for their years of formal learning. It offers a comfortable pitstop in their transition from their home to the school. They become accustomed to the idea of having an outside person playing the authority figure. Your child learns to work in an environment with children of their age around. They learn to make friends without any adult interference.

Teachers in kids schools in Ahmedabad support and endorse their social development by making them work in groups. All children are included in each other’s activities, the teacher resolves any disagreements. They not only learn to make new friends but also how to maintain their friendships as well.

All these skills are taught in kindergarten schools for kids, but as a parent of a toddler, you can contribute too. Here are some of the life lessons you must teach your child in their formative years:

  1. Good Manners: Your child needs to learn their manners from the start. Good manners not only make your child a more likable individual but also helps in improving their social IQ. Your child learns by mimicking your actions the most. So, use words such as ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ in your general conversation at home. Conduct yourself rightfully with the people around you. Constant and consistent modeling of good manners may assist your child in adopting them so that they become an integral part of his life.
  2. Respect: Respecting not only elders but also their peers and especially, oneself is one of the most important life lessons you can teach your child. Teaching respect helps them build empathy for others and self-worth for themselves. It teaches children to peacefully coexist and accept people as they are irrespective of their differences. Important qualities like cleanliness, obedience, self-control, kindness, determination may follow if there is basic human respect.
  3. Healthy Competition: You would always want your child to win in even small games at home because of their happy faces, but you should also teach them to lose gracefully. Children usually don’t take losing very well. They may cry or throw a fit, especially, in a kids kindergarten school environment. So, teach your kids the importance of losing and learning from their loss. Teaching your kids the correct way to behave in this situation is not ideal. Learning these key principles early on can help them face inevitable failures of life healthily.
  4. Responsibility: You may see your child as a child, but they learn responsibility from the beginning. Parents can model responsible behaviour by showing kids how to do things that one is supposed to and then accept the outcome of that action. It may help the kids to develop a healthy attitude towards work and take pride in all that he does. For example, ask your child to be responsible for their stationary. Tell them that they are responsible for cleaning their work-desk and putting their supplies in order. These small tasks will not only build responsibility but also ownership.
  5. Compassion: Your child needs to learn to be kind. Ingrain the fact that there are always people who are less fortunate than them. It is their responsibility to offer a helping hand if the opportunity arises. They can water the neighbour’s plants, carry a light grocery bag for the elderly, offer their seat to their grandparents, or feed stray dogs and cats. Inspire them to care for others from the formative years to help them become compassionate individuals in the future. Encourage your child to harbour feelings of forgiveness towards others. The ability to forgive others is important for peace of mind and for being happy in life.
  6. Positivity: While it is important to teach your child the importance of failure, teaching them that the next time Is going to be better is even more needed. Teaching your kids to have a positive outlook will help them to endure grief or strenuous amounts of stress. The life lesson that “there is always a tomorrow” can feel encouraging when life gets tough.
  7. Health and Hygiene: Your kids are never too young to begin learning about health and hygiene. We’re always telling our kids to take a bath, brush their teeth, wash their hands, and change their underwear. We never tell them why, though. Explain why health and hygiene are always going to be crucial parts of their days. As your children begin learning about this life skill, set up a chart that allows them to check off each task as they complete it.

In the end, teach your kids the importance of respecting and loving themselves. Help them grow up to be confident and responsible individuals by teaching them these life skills.

Rakesh Kumar
Rakesh Kumar
Rakesh is an Indian techie & General Blogger writing for 2 years about his experiences

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