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What is the role of Chemistry in our Daily Life?

Do you remember the definition of chemistry that was explained to you by your chemistry tutor? That’s great if you do and even if you do not, let us brush up on what chemistry is.

“Chemistry is the branch of science that deals with composition, structure, and properties of substances as well as different elementary forms of matter.”

Students often wonder if there is a link between chemistry and our daily life. They often try to find out the applications of chemistry around them. This is why in this article, we have come up with a comprehensive guide telling you what roles chemistry plays in our everyday life. The explanation will help you know how chemistry and our life is related. In addition, it will also help you boost your chemistry knowledge that you have gained from your tutor for chemistry. So, let’s get started!

Roles of chemistry in our Daily Life

Role1: Beauty and Health Care

We use a lot of chemicals in beauty treatments such as bleach, hydrogen, and ammonia. Many chemicals are being used by beauty product companies for creating anti-aging cosmetics. We all know how polluted our world is becoming day by day. This increasing pollution generates the need to preserve health from environmental impurities it has caused.

While on the one hand we are exposed to harmful chemicals due to pollution, we use chemicals on the other in the form of medicines. Medicines are a very important part of our life. Whether these are vaccines laboratory tests, diagnostic tests, or monitoring & curing, they all involve the application of chemistry.

From antiseptic pills to injections, chemotherapy, human organ reproduction, etc. are all the direct or indirect applications of chemistry. To know more about the application of chemistry in beauty & healthcare you can also ask the chemistry online tutor in your home tuition for Chemistry.

Role2: Agriculture and Food Preservation

We use inorganic fertilizers for increasing the fertility of the soil that in turn increases our crops’ yield. The pesticides are used for protecting our crops from getting spoiled. All these contain chemicals. Chemical compounds are also used in various food preservation techniques, crop maintenance, and grain mixing.

You mix and modify the seeds with chemicals for improving production and earning profits. The best part is, bio-chemical products have been introduced now that have no adverse effect on health. Just in case you are taking home tuition for Chemistry, your chemistry home tutoring can give you an elaborate explanation of applications of chemistry.

Role3: Industries and Transportation

Extensive use of chemicals is made by various industries in one or the other form. Some of the examples of such industries are petro-chemical industries, metal industries, cloth mills, leather factories, etc. However, the chemical content of the gases formed due to the fuel used during the process is hazardous for human life. But then, while on the one hand chemicals are causing harm, on the other, chemicals are used to treat their ill effects as well.

 Let’s say, for instance, the production of distilled fuels like petrol and diesel is accomplished through chemical reactions that cause air pollution. However, at the same time, on the other hand, chemical products are used by the anti-pollutant methods for treating air pollution.  So, never think because maths and physics are difficult, you need a physics and maths tutor only and not for chemistry. A chemistry online tutor is equally important to enhance your knowledge and awareness of chemistry.

Role4: Science and Technology

Though the development of science and technology has two aspects – constructive and destructive. Now, it’s up to you which one you adopt. Chemicals are used for many helpful purposes like manufacturing cleaning products, cooking oil and gases, etc. However, it can also be used for destructive purposes like explosives, harmful gases, etc.

So, it is in your hands whether to use chemistry to help mankind or destroy it. Joining online tuition for Chemistry will make your chemistry concepts even clear through the guidance of a chemistry home tutor. You will better know how to use chemistry for useful purposes and change the game.

Not Just That!

We discussed four roles, it doesn’t mean only these are the contributions of chemistry to mankind. There are plenty more such as waste management systems, telecommunication systems, crime investigation chemicals, forensic science, space missions, and Information technology.

In short, we can say that chemistry has not left any field untouched. If you explore the extensive field of chemistry, you must join online tuition for Chemistry and learn chemistry from a chemistry tutor. Let us now look at a few very crisp points on how chemistry is important for us in our daily life.

How Chemistry is Important in Our Daily Life?

If you have joined online tuition for chemistry, your chemistry tutor has explained to you in detail how crucial it is to study chemistry. Almost everything has chemicals as it’s one of the components including you, me, the sun, our food, the drugs, your pet, and so on.

Whether it is about leaves changing their color, cleaning (self or the house), cooking of food, all are caused by chemical reactions. So, knowing chemistry well will only help you make more informed decisions about your everyday life. Some examples of such decisions could be:

  •       Choosing safe mosquito repellents
  •       Staying aware about which household chemicals to mix and which not
  •       Knowing how an expired product can affect your health
  •       Which motor oils to mix for your vehicle
  •       Which food item to consume
  •       Which soap or detergent to use

If you know basic chemistry, you will know the impact of different chemicals on the environment. You will know the way of disposing of the chemicals so that they should not poison the water or the air.

Knowing basic chemistry will help you give your plants the best nutrients so that they could grow well. Even the other disciplines like physics, biology, astronomy, cooking, etc. use various chemistry concepts as well. The best way to learn chemistry, however, is by taking online home tuition for Chemistry and learning from the chemistry online tutor.


No doubt, chemistry is not only an interesting subject to study but useful too. Many people study this subject not just because it is in their course curriculum but also to gain general awareness about chemicals. We have already discussed above how helpful the knowledge of chemicals could be in your everyday life. So, take online tuition classes for Chemistry today and learn chemistry from an online chemistry tutor.

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