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International Students are Prepared to Resume School after the Vaccine Announcement

The outbreak of coronavirus has force every international student to stay in their country and study online. The government and scientist have been working hard to find a lasting solution to the pandemic and vaccines has finally emerged. Virologists and pharmaceutical companies are now rewriting the regulations for the development, testing, and manufacturing of an effective vaccine. Extraordinary steps have also been put in place to ensure the vaccine is circulated all over the world.

Coronavirus vaccine trials are already going on with thousands of people under supervision to ensure the world gets the best vaccine that protects against COVID-19. Many leading pharmaceutical companies are hoping their vaccines get approved by the end of the year. The vaccine has been proven to have great efficacy and will protect 90% of people from contacting coronavirus. An emergency approval has also be put in place so that the vaccine will be available by the end of November.

AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical company in Great Britain has been given license to the Oxford University vaccine and they are ramping up their production. The company will be supplying 100 million doses to the United Kingdom and over two billion globally if the vaccine is successful. Other pharmaceutical company’s vaccines are also undergoing clinical trials although only about  10% of vaccines often pass their third stage clinical trials.

Many countries all over the world are planning to purchase the vaccine and introduce it by the beginning of 2020. This will take away the fear of contracting the virus and restore our confidence. With the discovery of coronavirus vaccines, international students are eager to start their new academic year and the ones that have canceled their plans of studying abroad are now working on applying again. While some students plan to resume after the confirmation of vaccine availability, others plan to resume next year and believe things will be better by then.

Although, at the beginning of the academic year, some universities enrolled many international students which means their international students did not reduce, unlike others. However, many current international students were unable to resume because face-to-face learning has been suspended in universities due to lockdown or travel restrictions. The discovery of the coronavirus vaccine will be able to solve these problems and give hope to students that want to study abroad while bringing hope to the future of global education.

Impact of coronavirus vaccine on global university education

The spread of coronavirus has put universities around the world in chaos and chattered their plans and dreams as they lost many international students. While some student defers their admission, others were forced to cancel their admission because of travel restrictions and the closure of all embassies around the world. With the news of vaccine development, many students can now plan to resume school abroad. This will also rejuvenate international university education.

The reopening of notable universities in Australia such as Darwin University has shown that global university education will survive the chaos. Also, students are preparing to return to their universities in Canada, and institutions having approved coronavirus preparedness plans and programs may reopen. The introduction of vaccines will also encourage students to resume and start a face-to-face learning academic year in 2021.

Many great scientists and researchers are also working tirelessly and their effort has contributed greatly to the discovery of the vaccine and they also provide a better understanding of global knowledge that will be of help to global university education.  To know more, the Royal Migration Review is here to give you a better understanding and broader knowledge about the impact of coronavirus on global university education.

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