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Overseas Education: Gain or Gamble?

As clear as glass, from the testimonial of many, the world stopped in its tracks due to the increasing horror of the Corona Virus. With that, many were filled with the fear of their jobs, careers and education halting as well. Nothing more overwhelmed the students than knowing there are possibilities of being stuck in foreign countries struggling to survive in the name of education or rather not being able to go to their dream university at all. As foreign exchange students made their way back home, parents were busy lecturing those restricted to native homelands to study to not leave them alone in such uncertain times. Though a lot of things have changed, according to our career counseling guide in terms of foreign education, Royal Migration, there is hope and sunshine and not just in rays but rather to light all of it up. Here we have Royal Migration Review updating us on the same:

Has there been a change- a foreseeable drop in interest towards education abroad?

Despite being more than six months into the pandemic, people worldwide are still wrestling with all the troubles the virus has brought with it. This quarantine has successfully yet unfortunately delayed the education and career plans for many potential filled individuals. However, this hasn’t made a slight change in the wish of the strong willed students who made up their mind to study abroad. In fact, as reports show 90 per cent of interested students are still as determined as ever to get enrolled in an educational course in foreign countries. The data shows that any potential drop in international student enrollments is likely to be temporary. This, in turn, has shaped a call for students to hang on and continue their preparation and keep themselves informed on the important information and details while applying to study abroad. Thus, NO, students have only shown even more dedication towards their career goals.

What does the education process look like?

If you, like most other students ready to make a move, have decided to study abroad this year, it is essential to familiarize yourself with your application process if it has been commenced. Usually, in most foreign universities, the session starts during September-October. And if it isn’t out yet, an impressive move is to email your dream universities beforehand, and let them know you’d like to get on board with them. Every college likes responsible and curious students.

What would be some important immediate steps that students could take in terms of their application and visa process?

Some guidelines interested aspirants should keep in mind while applying to a university have been listed as follows:

—  Students need to ensure that they comply with all the necessary documentation required by the border agencies of various countries

— They need to take their required language exam and assign their score report to the educational institution and border agency as required and ensure that their language scores requirements are met as per the university/college norms as well as border agency norms if any. Students must also ensure that their accounts with the testing agency are active and scores accessible before submitting visa applications.

— They need to complete their paperwork

— Their knowledge of the educational institution of choice as well as the course they have selected should be adequate. They should be able to justify their institute/course selection in their SOP to the border agency as well as the institute itself as required.

— They should keep their finances ready as per the requirements of the border agencyand should have paid the requisite course/living expenses fees as required by the educational institution.

— Students should go through the university/college website and comply with all requirements. Similarly, students should go through the border agency requirements of specific countries and comply. In case of doubts, it is advisable to seek expert consultation.

— Students should ensure that there is no misrepresentation of facts in their applications which may lead to their entry to the country being blocked.

What would be the final word to ponder over?

The last thing you need to remember would be to not halt or procrastinate preparations no matter what the world outside the window might look like. Keep yourself updated on education organization regulations and changing requirements.

And ultimately, despite whatever happens in terms of anything, learn to prioritize your health and well being. Of course, stay strong, we’re all in this together!

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