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Why 2021 is the Best Time to Move to Canada from Dubai

The Minister of Immigration Refugees, & Citizenship, laid out a decisive plan stating that Canada’s future depends on immigration. Canadians are living longer and don’t have enough children to maintain the size of their population. It is an aging country with a low birth rate that needs more immigrants than ever to boost its economic prosperity. The minister said that a major part of the solution is to welcome more immigrants from 2020-2023. Despite the uncertainties brought by the on-going pandemic, the plan seems to be well meeting the target and if you are planning Canada immigration from Dubai, this is the best time to kickstart your application process. Estimates suggest that by the 2030s Canada’s population growth will mainly come from immigration. The plan to welcome more than one million immigrants over the next three years was formally tabled at Canada’s 2020-2022 Immigration levels plan in march 2020.

Universal Healthcare And Free Education

The coronavirus pandemic has left booming economies and the world in a state of uncertainty. Canada in these uncertain times has shown tremendous support, offering $2,000 as a stimulant package. A one-of-it’s kind initiative so that the citizens can pay for rent, groceries, and help businesses keep their staff on payroll and stay afloat.

Its exceptional healthcare system is one of the best in the world. Each province and territory has its own healthcare system known as Medicare that practically covers all the essential healthcare at no cost. Medicare is a universal, publicly funded healthcare system which provides equitable access to hospital services and physicians. It has been a resounding success since its introduction in 1967.

Canada’s literacy rate speaks for itself. It’s one of the most educated countries in the world where more than half the population has a university degree or diploma. Parents always strive to give the best education possible to their kids without having to worry about extremely high fees. The public elementary schools in Canada from (grade 1-6), and secondary school (grade 7-12) are free of cost so that you are free to spend your income on extracurricular activities and have more savings for college and university programs.

Employee Benefits and Leisure Activities

Everyone craves for work-life balance, and Canada knows the recipe of living a happy life. Once you immigrate to Canada, you get hands-on governments and employee benefits that would allow you to plan long weekends, raise your children, and most importantly high salaries to eliminate the need to do secondary jobs. With 40 hours of work weeks, high minimum wage, and better working conditions, you spend more time with your loved ones.

Canada is home to more than 30,000 lakes and close to 50 national parks. If you always wanted to explore hiking, canoeing, ice hockey, ice skating, skiing, surfing, river rafting, then you would be spoilt for choice to move to Canada.

Back to Basics: For Professionals & Skilled Workers

One of the most popular immigration programs, the express entry has three categories that are: Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades, and Canada Experience Class.

A point-based system for grading permanent residents applicants. professionals & skilled workers can earn points based on experience, qualification, Canadian employment status & provincial/territorial nomination. The higher your points are, the more chances of having an ITA (invitation to apply) for PR. The points are received through CRS i.e. comprehensive ranking system. The draw has a minimum cutoff score where the ITA will be awarded to those applicants who have the CRS score equal to or above the cutoff score. When you are immigrating from Dubai, you won’t require a job offer when applying under the express entry, however, your chances get increased if you already have a job offer from Canada. You can check the latest CRS score for 2021 from the government of Canada website for better clarity.

Canada visa consultants in Dubai will help not only help to verify your documents, but also streamline the communication between immigrant authorities.

Wrapping Up

One of the most inclusive countries in the world, there are enough reasons why Canada is the most preferred destination for immigrants. If you are new to the entire immigration process, all you need is the assistance of the best agency for Canada immigration in Dubai. The job of a consultant is to guide you from start to finish so that you don’t miss even the tiniest of the details and immigrate hassle-free.

The documentation process could be quite tricky if you decide to carry the process on your shoulders. There are numerous benefits of opting for the best Canadian immigration consultants Dubai.

Understand and resolve complex issues, have access to a well prepared and well-presented application, and explore alternative options with Canada PR consultants in Dubai.

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Ritika Singh
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