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How are the career development opportunities at Increff?

Some aspire to be a  DevOps Software Engineer while others are looking forward to landing the position of a Business Analyst. At Increff you can avail the opportunity to land more such software developer positions.

Increff provides you the platform to explore career development opportunities in different programming and software development fields.

Let’s here a few words about Increff:

Increff is a tech company that provides smart home solutions for the home. The company is based in Silicon Valley. The company’s mission is to create innovative solutions to common problems that people have in their daily lives. 

That is why, Increff is currently in the lookout for brilliant minds who can give their valuable input to the company as programmers or software developers.

In this blog, check out the different career opportunities available at Increff and get a feel of the Increff Interview Experiences.

Increff: A Crash Course

Increff is a collaborative, flexible, and open workplace that not only enables innovative and fun ways to build careers, but also encourages building leaders from within. By becoming a part of Increff you can rest assured to enjoy the merits of working in a growth and career oriented environment.

They pride themselves for their transparent work culture and are completely independent at every level to initiate, own and execute their projects. At Increff, every employee is treated equally and their personal growth is given utmost importance so that it can reflect in their work.

Interested to learn more about the ethics and culture of Increff? 

Check out the following section.

What are some of the distinguished values based on work culture supported at Increff?

As the saying goes: “A happy employee is a productive employee”

Here are a few values that distinguish the work culture of Increff from the other tech companies in this line of work.

Cultivating happiness

At Increff they believe in creating the best possible work environment for their employees so that they can excel in their line of work with perfection.

Polishing finesse and quality

At Increff they try their level best to keep the working spirit of their employees leveled up by providing them regular incentives so that they can boost their quality of work.

Consistent work-life balance

It is easy to get completely immersed in the corporate work culture, this is why at Increff, they believe in objectively utilising the merits of their employees so that they do not get an unhealthy attachment to the hustle culture.

Well speaking of the hustle culture, are you also interested in learning the different career opportunities facilitated by the company?

Find more about the career development opportunities facilitated at Increff in the following section.

How does Increff facilitate career development opportunities?

Career development is not restricted to an added line of job profile in your resume. At Increff you get to learn more about the corporate life experience and how to tackle tasks on a deadline effectively and efficiently. There are multiple software developer and business positions available at Increff that can help you get a real time experience of corporate and its different aspects.

From Business Analyst to DevOPs Engineer, at Increff you will find an ocean of career development opportunities.

Let’s check out a few interesting job areas that you can look out for before applying to Increff.

Business Analyst

As a business analyst, you get to play a key role in INCREFF’s growth trajectory by making INCREFF’s cloud-based infrastructure architecture more scalable and secure, interacting with multiple fashion brands around the world and transforming the merchandising process.

  • Job Responsibilities

This role is critical to delivering/performing actionable insights on a regular and timely basis.

Understanding INCREFF’s Merchandising Platform (IRIS) to help customers solve roadblocks and new business cases.

Job Requirements

  • Analytical position, preferably 1-2 years of professional experience in retail
  • Good mathematical understanding and problem-solving skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Practical experience with Excel or PowerPoint (preferred)

DevOps Software Development Engineer

Develop new strategies for enhancing the cloud-based infrastructure of Increff and curate a more secure and scalable infrastructure for the brand.

Job Responsibilities

The DevOps employees are responsible for the security and recovery of their data and networks.

You are responsible for optimizing the cost of your company’s IT infrastructure and resources.

They need to develop a scalable process to handle the growth of INCREF. The employees are responsible for ensuring that the infrastructure operates according to the SLA.

Job Requirements

  • 1 year of proven experience with Google Cloud or AWS.
  • Scripting experience in one or more languages (Python, Bash, Shell, Ansible)
  • Have a solid understanding of cloud networking concepts.
  • Experience in system monitoring conception and implementation.
  • Proven Demonstration of Production System Ownership.
  • Experience protecting production systems from external and internal threats.
  • Technology in computer science, IT, MCA or related fields.

Sales Director

As Sales Director you will play a key role in the growth trajectory of INCREF by distributing enterprise tech products. A primary responsibility is the end-to-end sales cycle.

They are currently seeking the next Rockstar Sales Representative to join our Enterprise team.

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the entire sales cycle, from research to sales.
  • Have a smooth lead generation process right from the start.
  • Deliver sales pitches and conduct meetings.

Job Requirements

  • At least 6 years of B2B enterprise sales required experience, preferably selling to C-level decision makers
  • Excellent communicator (English – verbal).

Sr. Warehouse Operator

This role includes working with customers and third parties to plan and execute warehouse operations. It’s about dealing with very senior management on both sides and inside.

Job Responsibilities

  • Be the POC for your storage needs.
  • Plan and coordinate 3PL warehouse operations based on customer needs.
  • Monitor daily operations to ensure SLAs and SOPs are being met.
  • Ensure that records are kept accurately.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by fulfilling KRAs according to contract.
  • Communicating with customers about progress and possible obstacles.

Job Requirements

  • Must have at least 2 years of operational experience, preferably in warehousing operations.
  • Excellent written and oral communication in English.
  • Entrepreneurial, independent, self-motivated and capable of growing and succeeding in a dynamic startup environment.
  • Passionate about surgery and striving for perfection, must be a super fast learner.

You have now read some of the top paying positions at Increff. Landing any of these positions would be a dream for any programmer or software developer. But that is not possible without clearing the rigorous interview rounds of Increff. 

Have a look at the Increff Interview Rounds.

Increff interview process

Check out the interview rounds at Increff.

Round 1: Cocubes Coding Interview

This round assesses aptitude and technical analysis in the Cocubes platform. There will be 50 MCQs to solve in 60 minutes.

Round 2: Cognitive Assessment

This is a behavioral assessment round consisting of 50 MCQs to be solve within 12 minutes.

Round 3: Technical Interview

From next permutation to binary trees questions, this round is conducted over 2 assessment rounds.

Round 4: Managerial Interview

In this round you will face a sit down interview with the Manager/HR where you will discuss your resume, hobbies and behavioral questions.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have read this blog till last, we will let you in on a little secret. The Increff Interview Rounds extremely resonates with the Morgan Stanley Interview Experience.

This means that you now have the opportunity to practice for both companies at a single go! 

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