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9 FAQs about Ghostwriting and Hiring Ghostwriters

Ghostwriting services are something that is quickly turning to be the go-to service for anyone who has a great idea but not a way with words. However, it might be to your surprise that the service of paying someone to do the work for you while you retain the credit is an extremely old method. If you want something done with good quality and expertise, hiring ghostwriters just be the thing for you to get your work done.

What does the word ghostwriter mean?

A ghostwriter is someone that works on tasks associated with writing for a specific client in exchange for payment. The tasks can vary according to the requirements of the clients but are in most cases related to book writing of different genres. Ghostwriting projects are extremely vast and involve the customer having complete credit. Hiring ghostwriters for unfinished books, writing books from scratch based on an idea is extremely common and can be traced back several centuries.

How can I hire a ghostwriter?

Much like how you would hire a freelancer or a person for any other job, the best way to search for ghostwriters is by searching on the internet. You will be able to find many different people with various credentials, reviews, and ratings that you can find in order to match your requirement. You can approach the individual to discuss payments and additional requests. Another way in which you can get the services is by hiring ghostwriters through firms that provide such services, an example could be the ghostwriting founder.

Can I control copyrights when hiring a ghostwriter?

When you hire a ghostwriter for a project you are not only paying for the writing services that they provide, you are also paying them for the credit which means that you have complete ownership of the book. Hiring ghostwriters to complete your work has many advantages and having complete control of copyrights is one of them. You can rest assured that you will get complete control of not only credit but also copyrights.

Is it legal to claim work as mine that is done by a ghostwriter?

When hiring ghostwriters, you have to go through a series of contract signings. This means that everything you are doing is completely legal and on the record while being completely discreet. Much like how you would hire any other worker for their skills, ghostwriters receive payment in exchange for their services. You will find many such examples of famous people that use such services. Writing autobiographies and even books based on their idea when they do not have enough time themselves. Legally there is absolutely nothing wrong with it and ghostwriting is an extremely old practice.

Can I justify being ethical if I hire a ghostwriter?

The question arises a lot in the ghostwriting community of whether a client claiming credit is an ethical act or not. Many in the writing and reading community consider that you should not be claiming the title of being a writer or author by availing of such services.

Hiring ghostwriters will lead you to be asking this question to yourself. And the simple answer is that it entirely depends on your interpretation. There is nothing wrong with claiming credit if it is being allowed by the ghostwriter. Also hiring ghostwriting services does not necessarily mean that you are not involved. The only way you can get quality work up to your standards is by being actively involved in reading drafts and approving them every step of the way.

Will the ghostwriter keep my work a secret?

During hiring, there are many confidentiality and discreetness clauses. This means that whether you hire an individual or an organization to carry out your work, they will keep it a secret. Due to the contract that you will provide while hiring ghostwriters, they are required by law to ensure that the secrecy is kept intact. There can be serious lawsuits and reparations for anybody to break any clause of a legally binding agreement.

What should I do if the work produced does not match my satisfaction?

The case of you not being happy with the final copy is extremely rare. In nearly every case hiring ghostwriters does not mean that you will be provided with a final product. The client and the ghostwriter collaborate, often chapter by chapter, to build the book together. The ideas and suggestions of the client are incorporated into the writing. Drafts are also regularly sent for approval so that the client is always on board.

What is included in the services of a ghostwriter?

If you find yourself hiring ghostwriters, you can find many different services being included in the package you receive. The ghostwriters will continuously update you in regards to the progress of your project. They will communicate new ideas, drafts and even be open to edits throughout the entire time you work together. In general, whenever you find yourself hiring a ghostwriter you will find that their work ends once you receive the final manuscript.

This means that even if you have a written book, you still have to market and publish it. There are many firms and organizations that provide additional services. it would be best if you inquire about the entirety of the services during the hiring process.

Do I have to reveal the usage of ghostwriting services when publishing?

When you have a final product you don’t need to tell anyone who the actual author is. As far as the ghostwriters are concerned you are the original writer and the book is your property. You are the sole decision-maker of who knows the reality. When publishing with the help of a third-party publisher you are not legally required to reveal hiring ghostwriters. So to answer the question in your mind, you don’t need to tell anything to the publishing company. Your payment ensures that the completed book is yours to claim as your property.

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