Contributor Guidelines

We welcome awesome creative writers who want to lend their voices and use the power of words to bless our readers. Thanks for your interest in writing a blog for Daily Dialers. We are always looking forward to talented and amazing contributors joining us. 

Are you an exceptional writer, and you want to share your expertise with a broader audience, we will love to hear from you. We operate on all niches therefore, take your time to go through our page to get answers to all your questions and the submission process. 

Here are things we look out for

  • The article must be interesting: We require contributions that are comprehensive, interesting, and teaches or informs our readers. We are also keen on publishing content that caught our reader’s attention and helps them grow.
  • The article must be original: Your content must be original, high-quality, and easy to understand. It must portray your creative writing and embodies your niche. Anything apart from this will not be published by us
  • The content must be Plagiarism free: All submitted articles must be plagiarism free. We will not authenticity any content that has been published by someone else
  • It must reflect who we are: The content must reflect daily diaries and what we stand for. We want to spread love while investing in our readers. Anything other than this, will not be published
  • Enhancing readability with links: To maintain a smooth reading experience, incorporate links in the middle of your article instead of placing them at the beginning or the end.
  • Image Integration: When integrating images into your content, always remember to provide proper attribution. Avoid adding text directly onto the images to maintain clarity and adherence to copyright regulations.
  • No Sales Pitches Allowed: Our platform strictly prohibits the inclusion of sales pitches or self-promotional content.
  • Well, articulated and copyright-free: All content submitted for approval must be full of compelling arguments, and quotations should be properly used. References to any quotes must be included. Plus, It should be copyright free. Failure to comply will result in rejection.
  • We don’t accept CASINO, GAMBLING, CBD, or any kind of Promotional Content.
  • Avoid including open/naked URLs within the article content.
  • The content must not contain vain words: We aim to be friendly and stay away from jargon and useless words.
  • The article should be free from grammatical errors and plagiarism, striving for complete originality.

Note, that we value your content, but due to the number of requests we receive daily, we can not reply to all submitted content. Therefore, writers are required to wait for 7 working days. If you did not hear from us, it might be that content doesn’t meet our requirements for approval. We look forward to hearing from you!