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The Multi-talented American Actress Elisa Pugliese

Not many people know that actress Elisa Pugliese, otherwise called Elle, is also a successful producer. In addition, the actress has other careers in the entertainment sector like writing, podcasting, comedy, and directing movies. Curious to know more about her? Read below to find out important details about her personal life.

Early Life

Elisa grew up in New York, U.S., and also had her education in the same country. She married actor Keegan Key and the two have been living together since then.

Elisa’s Marriage to Keegan

Elisa Pugliese and Keegan have been husband and wife for six years. They first got engaged before tying the knot with only close relatives and friends in attendance. The same thing happened at their reception that took place a day later.

The couple both rocked famous designer brands as their wedding clothes during their wedding. Elisa appeared elegant in her dress while holding a colorful bunch of flowers. On the other hand, the groom looked dapper and stated that he felt wonderful. People were surprised, considering that wasn’t Keegan’s first wedding.

Keegan’s Previous Marriage

Keegan’s first marriage was to another actress, and the marriage lasted for nearly two decades. The duo split in 2015 and divorced thereafter.

Does Elisa Have Children with Keegan?

Elisa’s marriage to her present husband didn’t produce children. However, it is not known if both have children from previous relationships.

How long has Elisa been in Hollywood?

Elisa has worked in the entertainment industry for over 12 years with notable productions and movies in her portfolio. She and Keegan have worked together in many productions like movies, podcasts, and so on. In fact, one of their podcasts has won them an award before.

The Husband and Wife Brand

Elisa and Keegan are the face of their brand. Together, they have created a husband and wife brand that leaves the audience captivated. The two work seamlessly together, so much so that Keegan can’t help but praise Elisa every time. He acknowledges his wife’s work ethic and efficiency even when he posts on his Instagram. Similarly, the actor eulogized Elisa in his wedding anniversary post on his Instagram.

Elisa’s Support for Keegan’s Career

Keegan isn’t the only one who supports his spouse. His wife, Elisa, is not left behind in singing her husband’s praises to the public. She doesn’t mind his career as an actor, producer, comedian, and podcaster. Her show of support is evidenced by her following him to red-carpet events.

Elisa’s Collaboration with Keegan

Elisa and her husband, Keegan, have worked together to produce many television shows and movies. Some of them include Brain Games, Better Off Single, and so much more. The husband and wife pair are known as a power couple in the entertainment circle. Additionally, the pair have collaborated with other celebrities in the past.

Their Award-winning Podcast

Elisa co-writes, co-produce, and co-directs a popular comedy podcast with her husband Keegan. The podcast is hosted on Audible and is released in episodes. Keegan, as the face of their brand, performs the show for the audience to listen to.

What is the Podcast About?

The podcast is about the 1500s acting troupes and how they performed sketch shows. It also detailed the story of a variety of shows from the past to the present modern versions. In a 2021 interview, Elisa stated where they got the idea for the podcast. She said they used Keegan’s broad knowledge of sketch comedy to create their show. She further implied that their love for comedic shows also had something to do with their podcast.

Where do they get their Comedy Sketches from?

In the same interview, Elisa further revealed that she and her husband decided to do the sketches themselves instead of using historical comedy clips. Keegan does the sketches, which makes their podcast unique and different. This is why in 2022, their podcast was given an award for the podcast that has the best writing.

Who Received the Award?

Elisa and her husband were present at the award ceremony, hence they received it together while Elisa gave the award speech. She dedicated the award to her husband, even though he was standing right beside her.


The following year, Elisa and Keegan published their memoir. The book was made out of their award-winning podcast. Elisa and Keegan wrote the book, and it became a bestseller.

Elisa’s Net Worth

Elisa Pugliese is strictly keeping a tight lead in revealing her financial status to the public. Even in 2023, her net worth remains a secret because she has never said anything about her salary amount. She is so private, that she rarely divulges her private life to outsiders. However, due to the nature of her job and who her husband is, they still have to attend some public events. Hence, you can often see Elisa and Keegan together at red carpet functions. Nevertheless, Elisa has many ventures and multiple sources of income which generate a good amount of money for her.


Finally, Elisa Pugliese has shown time and time again that people can be multi-talented. She also showed that one can do two or more jobs at the same time. Elisa is very good at whatever she does, be it writing, directing, producing, or comedy. She doesn’t joke with any tasks given to her and gives it her all. This is why she remains one of the best celebrities in Hollywood today.

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