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Libby Golbach – A Member of Sam Golbach’s Family

To most people, the name ‘Golbach’ sounds familiar since a famous YouTuber, Sam Golbach, bears that name. Hence, they think Libby Golbach might be related to Sam. So, is Libby related to Sam, or is this just a wonderful coincidence? Read to find out, among many other things.

Libby and Sam Golbach’s Connection

Indeed, Libby Golbach is related to Sam Golbach, albeit through marriage instead of blood ties. Libby married Sam’s brother, Ben Golbach, and this makes Sam her brother-in-law. Sam is older than Ben by a few years. In addition, Sam has an older sister called Allison. Allison is married to Sam’s friend, who is also a fellow YouTuber. This is not surprising, as they are in the same industry.

How did Libby and Ben meet?

Libby Golbach met Ben when they were both undergraduates in college. They were then studying nursing and started dating. They got engaged in 2019 after courting for more than four years. Ben and Libby posted their engagement online respectively and backed their posts up with lovely pictures that captured the event. It was an unexpected proposal for Libby, and she excitedly took to Instagram to share her feelings about the proposal.

Sam’s Reaction to His Brother’s Engagement

Sam didn’t lag by promptly congratulating his brother, Ben, and Libby. Other members of the Golbach family also took turns to wish the couple well. Their well-wishes showed how much the family loved and cherished Libby. It further showed that Libby is part of their family. Sam’s fans were not left behind, as they welcomed Libby Golbach as Sam’s family by congratulating her, too. It was then Libby realized the power her soon-to-be husband’s brother holds on social media.

Libby’s Later Marriage to Ben

Nearly a year after their engagement, Libby and Ben got married in late 2020 in an outdoor wedding ceremony. It was so beautiful that many who attended marveled at its elegance and beauty. Sam, of course, was also a groomsman on their special day and a witness to their union. Another celebrity in attendance was Sam’s partner, Colby. The presence of Sam and Colby gave the wedding a bit of a celebrity feel. They both ensured to charm the guests in attendance and made the event a memorable one.

Is Sam close to Libby?

Sam is very close to his sister-in-law, Libby, since she is family. You can see their closeness in the way they partner together to create some Instagram posts. You can sometimes see Libby in Colby and Sam’s escapade videos.  For example, Libby frequently follows Colby and Sam on road trips, or to visit haunted places.

Libby Golbach also shows support for Sam, and vice versa. During important anniversaries like Christmas and birthdays, each of them greets the other warmly on their social media accounts. It is not only Sam and Libby who are close in the Golbach family. Sam and Ben’s parents, Cindy and Kirk Golbach are close to their children and Libby.

Sam and Libby’s Friendship

Sam and Libby share a friendship that shows their harmony as a family. You can often see them sharing funny jokes, their love for animals, and their professions. They also like adventures and perform hair-raising endeavors.

Who is Sam Golbach, Libby’s Brother-in-law?

Sam Golbach is Libby’s brother-in-law, but apart from that, he has another identity. He is a known YouTuber who has a significant number of followers on his YouTube and other social media platforms. Sam has made a name for himself among other YouTubers with the help of Colby Brock, his partner. He and Colby’s niche is posting videos of their paranormal and fun-seeking escapades on YouTube.

Colby and Sam’s Joint Channel on YouTube

The duo has a channel called ‘Sam and Colby’, and the channel is full of thrilling videos, as mentioned above. Their joint channel has nearly six million people who have subscribed to the channel. This excludes the huge number of views, likes, and comments each video they upload generates. Similarly, Colby and Sam operate a separate YouTube account that they manage individually.

Sam’s Individual Account

Sam has a personal YouTube channel with millions of subscribers. He posts entertainment videos and things about his private life. For instance, Sam shares videos of his family like his parents, sisters, brother, and animals. Likewise, Colby also has his own private YouTube with a huge following. You can find interesting videos and other content on his channel, too.

Sam’s Parents

Cindy and Kirk, Sam’s parents, share a loving bond. They created a wonderful family environment for their children while growing up. They have three children, Allison, Sam, and Ben. You can see their support and love for children, something they extended to Libby. They never interfere in their children’s lives, choosing to rather trust their children in their life choices. The parents take their time to visit their children in their homes whenever they have the time. When Libby joined their family, they welcomed her with open arms.


To sum it up, Libby Golbach is lucky to marry into a family that loves, cherishes, and accepts her. It is rare to see such a successful family with laid-back family members who don’t put on air. They always make sure that Libby is included in any family gathering. Sam, in particular, never hides how much his family is blessed to have another lady in the family.

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