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All You Need To Know About Jennifer Landon Siblings

The American actress Jennifer Landon belongs to a big family and she is the proud daughter of American actor Michael Landon and sister of 8 siblings. However, before we discuss Jennifer Landon siblings, let’s get to know about the actress in the first place.  

Rose to fame for her role as Teeter on the popular American neo-Western drama television series named Yellowstone, the American actress Jennifer Landon needs no introduction. From her praiseworthy acting skills to eye-catching beauty, and strong personality, the actress has won the heart of millions of people worldwide. The talented actress has even won 3 consecutive Emmy awards for her excellent performance in the CBS soap opera: As the World Turns (2005–2010). Talking about her personal life, as already mentioned above, she is the daughter of Michael Landon who was a well-known American actor and filmmaker. 

Jennifer was just 5 years old when she got her first acting gig from her father, when she played the role of a little girl in one of the final episodes of his father’s television series, Highway to Heaven. She inherited acting skills from her famous father. However, Michael Landon didn’t have just one daughter but the celebrated actor was a father of many. 

In this blog, we have mentioned detailed information about Jennifer Landon siblings. So, waiting further wait, let’s dive in. 

All About Jennifer Landon Siblings

  • Mark Landon 

Born in 1948, Mark Landon was the eldest child of Michael though not biological but adopted. Michael legally adopted him when he tied the knot with Mark’s biological mother, Dodie Levy-Fraser. Like his father and sister, Mark also pursued the journey of acting and was featured in some movies like

“Goodbye America and “Double Edge” to name a few.

It was in the year 2009 when Mark was found dead at his home and was buried alongside his father.

  • Cheryl Ann Pontrelli

Cheryl Ann Pontrelli is one of the Jennifer Landon siblings who prefers living a private life. As she is not a media personality, there is not much information available about her on the internet. All we know is that she is the daughter of Michael Landon and  Lynn Noe. Just like her father, she is also an actress who performed small roles.

  • Josh Fraser Landon

Josh Fraser Landon is the second adopted son from Michael’s marriage with Dodie. Being the son of a legendary actor comes with its own set of challenges and being expected to follow his father’s footprints was likely more difficult for Josh.

Therefore, he decided to live a very private life and avoided getting media attention. There is not much information available about him on the web but we believe he shares a very strong bond with his family.

  • Leslie Landon

Born in 1962, Leslie Landon is a 60-year-old former actress and psychologist. As a child, she made guest appearances in Little House between 1975 and 1981.

Rachel Matthews, the eldest daughter of Leslie is also a well-known American actress known for her role in a popular horror movie named Happy Death Day.

  • Michael Landon Jr.

Born in 1964, Michael Landon Jr. is one of the famous and successful Jennifer Landon siblings. He is a talented actor, director, writer, and producer.

He is the son of actor Michael Landon and his second wife, Marjorie Lynn Noe. Some of his acting projects are Little House on the Prairie as Jim, Superboy as Stretch, Back to Bonanza as Host, and many more. 

  • Shawna Landon

Shawna Landon is well known for her acting skills in Michael Landon: Memories with Laughter and Love which is a 1991-based documentary about her celebrated father. 

As per her Instagram profile, currently Shawna works as a luxury real estate realtor in Beverly Hills. 

  • Christopher Landon

Christopher Landon is one of the famous and renowned Jennifer Landon siblings well-known in the entertainment industry. He is a celebrated American producer, film director, and screenwriter best known for working in the horror and comedy horror genre.

  • Sean Matthew Landon

The youngest of all Jennifer Landon siblings is Sean Matthew Landon who lives a private life and often enjoys life away from the media limelight. He is the son of Michael Landon and his third wife Cindy Clerico.

He is a well-known realtor and business owner. There is not much information about the youngest sibling of the Landon family.

Closing Words

Hopefully, now you are aware of all the Jennifer Landon siblings from the eldest to the youngest. All siblings have successful professional careers and share a close bond with each other.

Thanks for reading the article till the end. For more information on celebs, follow our website.

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