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Denise Lombardo – Unveiling the Enigmatic Ex-Wife of Jordan Belfort

As a result of her 1985 marriage to Jordan Belfort, Denise Lombardo rose to fame. Given that her spouse was a well-known stockbroker who was later imprisoned for offenses involving fraud, their love tale is still widely shared online. It’s even true that their love tale has served as inspiration for screenwriters and directors to create films.

When their story was featured in the film The Wolf of Street, the first wife of Jordan Belfort became a hot issue. Denise Lombardo nevertheless continues to work as a real estate agent and sales executive in the real estate industry despite the media attention and interest of moviegoers. She values having some quiet time away from any new controversies.


The life story of Denise Lombardo On November 11, 1963, Denise Lombardi was born in Ohio, in the United States. Lombardo will be 59 years old in 2022. Anthony Florito is her father, and Ann Lombardo is her mother. The parents were of Italian descent. Denise also grew up with her brother Paul, her two sisters Deanna and Lisa, and them. She speaks three languages fluently: Italian, German, and English. Denise attended Adelphi University after graduating from Bayside High School and went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in English literature there in 1987. She then enrolled at Towson University, where she studied science and business administration. Denise was determined to finish her undergraduate and graduate degrees.


Denise Lombardi began her career as a real estate agent and sales executive before she married her ex-husband. At the Modern Medical System Company, Smith & Nephew Company, and Home Depot Company, she had previously held the position of sales executive. She also worked for Prudential Douglas Elliman Company after earning her real estate agent license. She has been employed there thus far. Who is the first spouse of Jordan Belfort? Jordan Belfort and Denise started dating over a long period. They allegedly got together while attending Bayside High School.

Jordan, a stockbroker who was having trouble, even had to file for bankruptcy. Nevertheless, luck eventually smiled upon him, and his investments brought in millions of dollars. He rose to fame as a stockbroker, author, businessman, and motivational speaker. Fortunately for Denise, her ex-husband’s prominence helped her become well-known. The couple wed in 1985, but sadly their union did not last long; they divorced in 1991.

The Wealth of Denise Lombardo

Lombardo is financially well because of the hefty alimony payment she received from her first husband and the advancement of her job thus far. According to some sources, Jordan Belfort’s first wife has a fortune in the millions.

Jordan Belfort and Denise Lombardo

When Denise Lombardo attended Bayside High School, she first met Jordan Belfort. The two met and quickly became close friends. The two were often referred to as sweethearts and began dating in high school.

The couple appeared to have nothing stopping them from getting married in 1986. Denis Lombardo-Belfort so became Denis Lombardo after that. There was no doubt that Belfort could succeed in business. However, the couple experienced numerous financial crises in the early years of their union. Because of how horrible it was, Belfort even filed for bankruptcy. Although the couple was struggling financially, they were not suffering emotionally because they were working hard to support one another.

Lombardo concentrated on her education while doing everything she could to support her husband. At one point, Belfort called his first wife a “submissive woman.” He put a lot of effort into his end to support himself, and he succeeded in his goal. Belfort was employed by L.F. Rothschild to serve as a trainee stockbroker, but things did not proceed as he had hoped. He lost his job in 1987 as a result of the stock market meltdown. The fact that Lombardo’s husband kept trying is a plus.

Belfort finally launched his start-up with Danny Porush in 1989 with $250,000 after developing new business abilities and working for a company involved in the penny stock market. Its official name was Stratton Oakmont, Inc. Due to the company’s subsequent closure in 1996 as a result of its widespread shareholder fraud. This action resulted in the firm’s closure as well as the arrest and incarceration of key executives.

Settlement of Denise Lombardo’s divorce

Between 1985 and 1991, Denise Lombardo and Jordan Belfort were wed for five years, but the suffering they experienced, in the beginning, made that time seem like a decade. Because they were able to survive the financial difficulties they had, their relationship was solid.

Belfort soon realized he could make more money by making false proposals as the money began to flow in. It seemed to change from barely having enough to having more than enough to eat, which had a bad impact on Belfort as he adopted a drug-abusing lifestyle. His relationship with Lombardo was ultimately harmed when he started having encounters with other women.

Lombardo’s discovery that Belfort was having a sexual relationship with British-American model Nadine Caridi, widely known as the Duchess of Bay Ridge, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Due to Belfort’s adultery, Lombardo subsequently filed for divorce from him in 1991. Several media outlets have reported that Lombardo received $3 million from Jordan as alimony.

Lombardo married Nick Amato in 1991, following her divorce from Belfort. Brett, Nicky, and Matt are the three children born into the union.

Today’s Denise Lombardo

Lombardo is currently making her mark in the real estate industry, as was previously mentioned. Away from the prying eyes of the media, she leads a solitary existence.

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