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What Wikipedia can’t Tell you about Durag for Waves

In recent years, you may have noticed that do-rag or durag for waves has become quite trendy among people of different age groups.

A piece of cloth that was traditionally used by American African men for maintaining and keeping their hairstyle and formerly known as a symbol of global black culture has now evolved as a trendy head accessory that’s now available on different-commerce platforms.

Some American-African rappers and hip-hop musicians started wearing durags regularly and it gradually became popular among masses to add style to their daily outfits.

Even sportsmen and other celebrities like Eminem, Rihanna, and more started embracing this headwear and that’s how it came into the limelight.

You can find durags in many distinct fabrics, colors, and designs to match with different outfits. This has led to higher sales of durags in stores.

However, there was a time when people used to judge those wearing durags as criminals or some irresponsible citizens. In 2001, the NBA also banned some players who accept worn durag during the game. That’s why people used to avoid wearing it in public for some time.

But as the celebrities started supporting it in public, the culture and popularity of colorful durags are again on track. Now, these are seen as a fashionable piece of head accessory.

From sportsmen and musicians to fashion models, you can see many celebrities wearing durags, showing their personality and unique character.

Besides, it gives a distinctive element to your whole appearance by making you stand out from the crowd while exquisitely enhancing your dressing.

Main reasons durags’ demand has grown over the years and it seems that now there’s no looking back for the headwear-

Maintain Trendy 360 Waves

Durag for waves is an open secret of people with a curly hairstyle. It’s a perfect headwear for maintaining, making, and setting 360 waves for African American men. This has led to its high popularity even today.

Since fashion-forward men across the globe love to keep their hair well trimmed, groomed, and stylish, the creation of 360 waves using durag has to lead to a major drive to increase the sales of durags online and in different brick-and-mortar stores as well.

High Product Quality

Once known as an untidy and messy headwear, durag has now evolved as a popular accessory that’s made from high-quality fabrics and a mix of diverse fabrics.

The high-attribute materials used for making durags, as well as its superior look, comfort, and class, has also led to the popularity of durags in past years.

The high-quality materials have elevated the significance of this head covering, as it’s no longer seen as a piece of rag in any derogatory way.

Since durag for waves are being made of good fabrics like silk, linens, satin, velvet, etc, this headwear is now considered an attractive piece of accessory for both men and women who like to experiment with their style.

Popular among Celebrity Fans

Not only among various celebrities but durags are also famous among their fans that live life like their favorite celebrity, including their fashion choices. So, it is not weird that fans in different places around the world have also embraced durags in their life.

After celebrities started wearing durags, it is regarded now as a high-end fashion statement piece. Celebrities from different continents can be seen wearing durag now or then. You might have caught some celebs wearing durags during their shows, concerts, voyage, and roaming around the streets.

This has developed into a thing of glory & unique identification among their followers as well. Eminem, David Beckham, Ja-Rule, 50 Cent, and Rihanna are some popular faces that we’ve seen donning stylish durags. After that, there has been a huge demand for durags both online and offline.

Women Scarf

Some women like to cover their hair with scarves and this is also seen as a style statement. So, women can also use durag as a stylish scarf to safeguard their hairdo.

Ladies can also use them for keeping their hair in place and prevent dirtying of the pillow, protect hairstyles and braids, and whenever they feel like changing their look a bit.


Durag had been around for many years. But once seen as a sarcastic headwear, durag has emerged to be a trendy piece of cloth that many celebrities and their supporters all around the world wear frequently. That’s the reason why its popularity and sales are on the surge.

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