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5 Unique Flowers for the Valentine’s Day

If you are still thinking about the flowers that you are going to present on Valentine day then you are at the right place, you just think before presenting the flowers these valentines. The flowering is just as complex as any other world that we know about but not really hard if you know which flower to choose. If you are far from your significant other then you can always order flowers online for them. 

The roses are something that we always see on the valentines with the alternatives as well, which are the carnations and the tulips, these flowers surely have their own beauty and are more unique as well but what you must realise as well is that you should know how to proceed with it. 

The unique flowers show how unique they are as well and they are just so beautiful, the flowers are known to express the hidden emotions that you are hiding as well so you can always go for that. The flowers are perfect, they are easy to care for if they know the right ways which include that they should not put the flowers near the fruits that are ripening. 

Here are a few unique flowers you can go for this year: 


You must have heard about the alstroemeria, they are just perfect in the sense of valentines. You can always depict the various emotions of strength, love, and devotion through these flowers. The unique thing about the flowers is that its leaves have been observed to grow upside down more like twisting and this is why it also symbolises the mutual support that is there. So a flower that you can always go for can be aloetriomeria. This will always depict how you are feeling and the perfect sense of being in a relationship as well. 


How can we forget the ranunculus, although at some point this flower is said to symbolise the rose they both are different? The ranunculus is known as the coyote’s eyes and the buttercup as well. The flower is also available in many colors and is known for the symbolization of the time of how much you love them and how attractive you find them. The flower is perfect if you have just started dating or want to convey that you really admire them.


Known to symbolise the beauty of the recipient and how much they love them along with the strength that is there. You can always go to the flower. The flower has a bright red eye in the middle and the rest is usually white or in the light pink tone. These flowers are just really beautiful when it comes to slowing our recipient with the compliments. Make sure that you are going for these valentines as they are unique yet beautiful, you can always get a bouquet out of the calla lilies or the gladiolus. Just approach the best florists in Bangalore & send flowers to mumbai and get a bouquet for yourself. 


If you want to show that there is acceptance, gratefulness and charisma and strength then the bouquet of lisianthus is just perfect for you. All you have to do is just pick up the flowers and just go for them. These flowers are just perfect for your valentine. They symbolise so much that you will just be in awe of them, they are known to symbolize the roses and the peonies to some extent as well but are really different from them. All you have to do is just get a bouquet of lisianthus and just remind them that you really appreciate them. 


This flower is just there to symbolise the support one needs during the relationship and how much you believe in the potentia; that they have. You can always opt for this flower and remind them that you really do believe in their abilities. So you can always go to them. These flowers are just beautiful and are there with the strength of symbolising the relationship at a strong point as well. So a flower to choose is this. You can always opt for this. 

It’s alright if you are unable to find these flowers at times but you can always go for the other alternatives as well. The flowers are not less to show how much they mean to you, there are plenty of other flowers which could express the same, just ask your local florists about this flower and you will get to experience many new sides of the flower itself. Make this valentine’s day memorable for them as well as you.

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