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4 Reasons to Support Third Wave Online Coffee Roasters

The history of coffee consumption in the United States is broken into three “waves.” Those waves are:

First Wave Coffee: The American coffee industry began with the Boston Tea Party. This first wave was coffee as a corporate commodity (supermarket coffee). It lasted until the 1980s.

Second Wave Coffee: Big coffee brands introduce European cafe culture. This, in turn, made flavored coffee drinks popular.

Third Wave Coffee: A rejection of the troublesome coffee-as-a-commodity dynamic. It’s also a response to consumer appreciation of premium, artisanal coffee that has been ethically and sustainably sourced.

Anyone who truly appreciates coffee should support third-wave online coffee roasters. This is true for several important reasons.

Direct Trade Relationships and Fair Pricing

The basis of the third wave is sourcing coffee via direct trade relationships. Most coffee is grown in developing nations along the equator. Given this, those relationships are usually with smallholder farmers. Thankfully, direct trade pricing is the opposite of commodity pricing. This practice also exceeds fair trade minimums. Paying a premium price for premium coffee can help improve the lives of smallholder farmers. It can also help improve their communities.

Sustainable, Responsible Coffee Sourcing

Direct trade pricing can have a real positive impact. This money is often invested in more sustainable farming practices. It can help improve the environment as well. Smallholder farmers can invest their profits from direct trade relationships into agricultural infrastructure. These sustainable upgrades can include improved irrigation techniques. Another approach is planting shade trees. Smallholder farmers can also invest in new coffee cultivars and varietals. Considering this, ordering from third-wave online coffee roasters can help protect the future of coffee and the planet.

Premium Single Origin Varieties From Third Wave Online Coffee Roasters

Third-wave coffee roasters are dedicated to finding premium coffee grown all over the world. In order to experience this firsthand, check out the selection offered by third-wave online coffee roasters. You’ll often find a revolving selection of unique, exceptional single-origin coffees. That selection is likely to include coffees from Costa Rica to Guatemala and Honduras. You may find amazing coffee grown in the volcanic soil of Kenya or Ethiopia. It’s an opportunity you are simply not going to have in the supermarket coffee aisle.

Exceptionally Delicious Coffee and a Coffee Subscription

Buying from third-wave online coffee roasters helps producers and the planet. It also delivers exceptional coffee. Plus, access to world-class varieties of coffee enthusiasts may have otherwise never experienced. That access includes some of the most delicious, finest-quality coffee grown anywhere. To experience this daily, consider a coffee subscription with a third-wave online coffee roaster. The best subscriptions allow you to select the delivery schedule as well as the type of grind. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy delectable single-origin varieties and blends.

About Verve Coffee Roasters

Are passionate about your coffee? Well, Verve Coffee Roasters dedicates their business to support your passion. College friends Ryan O’Donovan and Colby Barr started Verve Coffee Roasters in 2007. They opened their first cafe in Santa Cruz, California. Their dream was to create a coffee roasting company that supports every step of the coffee process. They do this by maintaining direct trade relationships worldwide. They also encourage sustainable growing practices. Verve Coffee Roasters offers single-origin coffee and popular coffee blends. The coffee roasting company even sells an exceptional craft of instant coffee. In addition to their on-the-go packets, they now offer convenient bulk bags. From Costa Rica and Guatemala to Kenya and Ethiopia, you can experience high-quality, small-batch coffee every morning. Enjoy a coffee subscription and embrace the third-wave coffee movement with Verve Coffee Roasters. They’re a truly independently owned roaster that supports your coffee passion.

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