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Things to Consider When Relocating from One City to Another

Relocating from one city to another or intercity relocation is not as easy as putting together a simple puzzle. There are a lot of thoughts that come to our mind before we take such a drastic move to move our base from one city to an entirely different city.

There is a lot of excitement about the upcoming possibilities of a new beginning in the new city but again there is a lot of feeling unsure about the unknown future. Your mind is always on two tracks for a few months before making an intercity move.

Relocating from one city to another is equally hectic whether you are moving alone or with your family. There are a lot of areas that need to be taken care of before you make the move.

A lot of brainstorming has to be done according to which in-depth planning has to be done leading to the proper execution of the plan. This entire process requires a lot of managerial as well as decisive skills. The following pointers would make your intercity relocation a bit easier as you would get to know the hacks of it:

Seek help:

Intercity relocation can feel traumatic as you have two major concerns. Firstly you think of the enormous size of the consignment that you are planning to move and secondly. It’s the huge distance that you would have to cover to relocate along with all your stuff. No wonder it is not a cakewalk.

In such times of mental and physical stress, all you can do is seek some help. No, I am not asking you to seek help from medical professionals but from the right team of experts who can execute your intercity relocation process without any hurdles.

The movers and packers service providers are the ones who can make it possible. Finding the best-suited movers and packers according to the limits of your budget will make your worries vanish in the thin air.

Make a Check-list:

Making a checklist is one such habit that can make your life organized to the T and make you value the importance of time in every sphere of life. We make checklists to remind us to do a specific task within a specified time period. The process of relocation requires a lot of planning and preparation and preparing a checklist is the first task that needs to be done on your part.

Make a checklist jotting down each and every item that you think is worth moving with you to the new city. As you make the list you would be able to understand the total size of your consignment comprising of individual cartons as you relocate. Furthermore, the movers and packers people can get a better estimation of the labor costs for relocating your consignment.

Get rid of the unwanted things:

As you make the checklist you will be able to figure out clearly the things that are essential and the things that are unnecessary.

You should focus on moving with the essential and useful items only as in intercity relocation the cost of moving is higher and the number of boxes of your belongings will simply add up to the expenditure.

So lesser the number of boxes, the lesser the labor cost, and the lesser is the cost of moving. Moreover, you would simply not want your new house in the new city to get all cluttered up by unnecessary junk items from your previous house.

In order to get rid of the junk items, try to filter them on basis of their current condition and utility. If you have some old furniture or home appliance that you don’t need in the future, sell them. If you have old books, toys, clothes, and shoes in good condition, consider donating them to an NGO or orphanage nearby.

Save the Important Commodities:

There are a few things that the movers and packers cannot do for you and you need to do it solely on your own. You are the only one who knows what is priceless to you and you are the one who has to protect it.

Safely keep aside your precious jewelry, expensive watches, designer statement pieces, mobile phones, laptops, and personal and financial documents are some of the most prized possessions of a standard Indian household.

You just need to pack all of these items in a bag and keep it safe locked up under your surveillance.

You should not discuss this bag with your movers and packers and carry it with you personally as you move from one city to another either in your personal car or by flight.


While relocating from one city to another, there is a higher risk factor involved than in the case of local relocations. It is always advisable to get your consignment insured. If there is any tampering or serious damage or loss of your belongings during the move.

Moving insurance or also known as in-transit insurance will ensure that the movers and packers company provides. You with proper compensation against the lost or damaged product. The safety of your products is your primary concern and getting insurance helps you stay away from unnecessary stress.

Utilize the utility services wisely:

Utility Services are the essential services that we avail in order to carry out our regular activities. These basic services include the electricity connection, water connection, gas connection, and DTH connection.

You have to play a tactful role in getting them disconnected before you relocate to another city. Again similar tactics is expected of you to get them connected in the new city after your relocation.

It is hardly going to take you a day or two in your present house to get the serviced discontinued. But the real struggle is to get new subscriptions in the new city really fast.

Therefore, it is advisable that you previously connect with the utility services providers from the new city and avail the necessary services much prior to your move. This will save your sanity to the utmost level as you relocate to another city.


Intercity Relocations are often between two vastly distant cities and that makes it impossible to travel every now and then to supervise the interior renovation or customization of your new house in the new city.

In that case, it is only possible to make alterations post shifting to the same city. This is when warehousing facilities are highly beneficial.

Your consignment is entirely kept in a warehouse, often provided by the movers and packers. The price of availing of a warehouse depends upon the size of your consignment and also on the number of days you would want your consignment to be there.


Relocating from intercity Relocation is definitely not an easy job. It involves a lot of detailed planning on your part and a lot of careful execution on the part of movers.

Do some research or get in touch with the agencies that provide moving solutions to help you get the best moving services within your budget.

Now that you already know about the details involved in carrying out a successful intercity relocation, we wish you a safe and hassle-free move!

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