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Top 4 types of Temporary Floor Protector during the Refurbishing

Are you planning for the remodeling of a house or office? If yes, it is an utter mess to deal with the construction damages and hassles specifically to the floors. When the walls and floor are done, other construction activities get started, and finding proper carpet protection or temporary floor protection is crucial. The usage of construction floor protection protects the surfaces from unwanted stains and damages.

Opting for excellent quality carpet protection would ensure that your floors remain in top condition after the entire renovation work gets completed. There are extensive options for Construction floor protection available with top providers, and let’s discuss the top 4 alternatives.

Four types of temporary floor protection

  1. Plastic film floor protection

Do you fear of construction debris that damages the floors? Yes, it is a sheer mess to hold the consistent dust and dirt for a long time construction. To avoid it, plastic floor protection films are an ideal choice. These temporary floor protection films stick perfectly with all floors and do not allow any damage to reach your expensive and beautiful flooring. The best thing about such films is they can stretch easily over the staircases and uneven flooring areas. The proper level of traction also makes this flooring anti-slippery and convenient to work upon. Various sizes, variety, and range of such plastic films are accessible with the best carpet protection providers.

  1. Paper cover floor protection

You might feel that how can paper covers provide you safety against the massive constructional operations and functions. High quality rosin construction floor protection or the craft papers are evenly rolled across your shiny floors to retain their gloss, and a masking tape, also known as painters tape, helps in efficient sticking. It is advisable to use these paper carpet protection for harder floors as soft surfaces might experience breaks and cuts. Also, you can rely on these temporary floor protection from any thick or thin liquids. They are made of premium quality papers that do not soak any liquid form.

  1. Corrugated Plastic construction floor protection

If you hold premium flooring like marble, vinyl, or hardwood ones, it becomes crucial to ensure coverage from hazardous constructional damages. Corrugated plastic categorizes under heavy-duty floor protection. Their protection ratio is way higher than many other carpet protection alternatives. Sharp tools, hinges, and small pointed screws can tear up many floor protection mats leading to stains and cracks in floors. Besides, costly repairs and patching would hamper the floor look and be heavy on your pockets. It is smart to safeguard your fragile flooring from severe damages with corrugated plastic temporary floor protection.

  1. Masonite floor protection

This is the most compatible alternative for complete floor protection. Many variations in Masonite floor protection are available, including large rolls that do not involve complex installations. They are made of plywood fibers which integrate perfect floor protection. It is the most reliable option.

Wrap up

Ticking on the perfect temporary floor protection includes comprehensive research on variable options accessible in the market. Relying on a reputed and professional temporary floor protection provider would ease your work as they can guarantee a higher degree of efficacy and precision.


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