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Desserts in the Sweet Centre in Bradford

If you’re interested in traditional Asian Indian and Pakistani cuisine, you’ve probably been thinking about trying out the Sweet Centre Bradford. This traditional restaurant was founded in 1964, so you can expect great quality food prepared by chefs with over 56 years of experience. Whether you’re looking for a breakfast in Bradford or a dinner in West Yorkshire, you’ll find a huge selection of tasty menu items at this traditional Asian Indian & Pakistani restaurant. The Sweet Centre prides itself on making quality food on site, which ensures a high-quality product that’s fresh and tasty.

The Sweet Centre in Bradford is a traditional Asian Indian and Pakistani restaurant established in 1964. This restaurant has over 56 years of experience in the restaurant industry and is renowned for serving quality food prepared from the best ingredients. It serves a variety of delicious menu items and makes everything on-site, ensuring the freshest food possible. You’ll love the delicacies on offer, from desi breakfast to desserts.

Owner of Sweet Centre Restaurant

Located on Bradford Road, the Sweet Centre Bradford is run by Haji Abdul Rehman. This restaurant features Indian sweets prepared using secret family recipes. The Rasmalai dessert is served either warm or chilled. Suppose you’re unable to make it to theĀ  Centre in Bradford; order some online to deliver it to your home. The prices are competitive, too! You’ll find a wide variety of Indian desserts, including the popular Rasmalai.

The Desi restaurant at the Sweet Centre Bradford is a popular choice for lunch and dinner. Celebrities have been spotted eating here and have become loyal customers. Their desi menu includes tantalizing chicken, Tandoori chicken, chicken seekh kebabs, Samosas, Chana Chat, and desserts. If you’re celebrating an event at the Centre in Bradford, you can even book a private room to enjoy delicious desi food.

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Don’t miss the halwa puri in the Sweet Centre when you’re in the city. This restaurant is a favourite among locals and visitors alike. It serves traditional Indian desserts and savouries. The staff arrives at 6 AM to hand-knead puri dough and roll it into small balls. Halwa and channa are also prepared daily.

Delicious Dessert

Halwa-puri is a delicious dessert made from carrots and semolina. The mixture is laced with copious amounts of butter. It is served on top of a deep-fried roti. The dish is also served with channa, a spicy chickpea curry. The combination of halwa and channa is an amazing treat.

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Located in Bradford, Channa’s dessert at the Sweet Centre in Bradford is a must-try! Sweet Centre has been a Bradford institution for 56 years, and its dedication to serving desi quality food is reflected in the quality of its desi menu. They use fresh ingredients and make all of their food on-site so that you can expect top-notch food every time.

Sweet Centre Menu

In the 1960s and 1970s, Pakistan migrants helped keep the place running, but today it is a diverse, modern city. The Sweet Centre is also home to the centre Bradford branch, which opened in 1964. the sweet centre has many sweets, including gulab jamun, kheer, halwa, and kulfi, topped with pistachios.

The halwa puri at Channa’s is a sweet treat made from semolina and carrots and flavoured with copious amounts of butter. This delicious sweet dish comes with a side of spicy chickpeas and fried chapatis. If you’re looking for something more healthy, you can try Chana’s dessert at the Centre Bradford.

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