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How to Create a Successful Video in 9 Steps?

There are millions of videos, but only part of them makes it. It’s the tough law of Youtube, Facebook, and social media because there are many differences between a video and a successful video.

Communication via video is perfect: everyone can create content, it is easy to convey, and often does not require a high investment in terms of time and money. Well, there are no recipes for a viral video. But we can follow the following steps to make the video more attractive.

How to create a successful video in 9 steps–

From theory to practice, the steps for a video that works are here. Let’s see them together:

  1. Clarify the topic
  2. Focus on audience loyalty
  3. Determine the length of the video
  4. Minimize branding space
  5. Maintain attention
  6. Create rich content
  7. Consider the time for the conclusion
  8. Adda clear call to action
  9. Maintain the duration between two and five minutes

A successful video must be able to excite. It must make those who see it want more than anything else to share it and shout to the whole world that it must be seen now! Here’s how to do it by analyzing the tips we just read point by point.

1. Clarify the topic

Attention is a resource that runs out quickly. Don’t waste time and get straight to the point. Boredom is your worst enemy and the weapon to fight it is to immediately communicate the theme of the video.

2. Focus on public loyalty

To make the audience to be loyal, you need to treat it as if it already was. Don’t set barriers and act as if the relationship is long-standing. Feeling welcomed generates a natural sense of fidelity.

3. Determine the length of the video

The first 8 seconds are crucial. You only have a few seconds to catch the viewers and keep them glued to the screen. How long should the video last? You have to establish this before you start shooting it and you have to do it concerning three parameters:

  • Content

What content are you posting? Is it in-depth information content? A tutorial? A Storytelling video? An explainer video? Depending on the content you post, you have to decide the depth of the topic and the duration of the video.

  • Habits of the target

What are the habits of your target audience? Are they used to in-depth content or do you prefer quick and clear messages?

  • Medium

What is the medium on which the video will be used? Posting a video for Youtube is not like posting it on Instagram or posting it on Facebook. Youtube prefers in-depth content, while Instagram has a 90-second limit in the feed.

On the other hand, Facebook is suitable for both entertainment content and in-depth content, which should not exceed 4/5 minutes, a period in which the user manages to keep his attention alive. Thus, a solid strategy is required for social media marketing.

4. Minimize branding space

Taking a hustle on your brand is not what anyone who watches a video cares about. Stay focused on the theme and avoid long acronyms that have the brand as their only content. There are other ways to convey it: fix the logo at the bottom of the video, use a watermark or mix it with the rest of the content. In a nutshell: integrate it with discretion.

5. Maintain attention

To do this, focus on movement. Who said that watching a video is a static activity? Your viewers don’t have to be passive because the next step would be abandonment. Make their part active by guiding their gaze to different points. How? Insert videos that show what you’re talking about, text overlays, or zoom effects in highlights. Alongside this, we suggest using jump-cutting to eliminate the annoying pauses present in a speech when gathering thoughts.

6. Create rich content

A successful video is a video in which information is given generously. The better you share your knowledge, the more loyal your audience will be and will avoid searching for the same information from a competitor.

7. Don’t forget to wrap up

You built the video with care. You must also close it in style! To do this, you need to calculate the time required for the conclusion in advance. It can be helpful to compare your times with those of competitors.

8. Choose a clear call to action

It is essential to insert the Call To Action connected to the objective for which it was made inside and always at the end of the video. The CTA, or the call to action, must be clear, simple, intelligent, and must guide people to take the behavior you want.

If you want your audience to do something, tell them clearly and succinctly. Too many calls to action will be confusing: limit yourself to two at the most.

9. An effective video lasts no more than two to five minutes

I prefer short videos to build a solid audience. Once you have achieved this, add longer videos: the viewer knows you, trusts and wants more information from you, is willing to spend more time in front of the screen, and often wants and requests it.


In conclusion, a successful video is the set of relevant content presented in exact timing and in an engaging way. Take note of these golden rules and your videos will shine!

Stefan is a digital marketer and an enthusiast for photography and videography. She always tries to explore something new in her content and loves sharing tips and tricks on marketing.

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