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5 Steps to Creating an Upscale Subscription Service Using Custom Boxes & Packaging

When you are deciding between custom boxes and ordinary ones, it helps to get to know all the possible outcomes to make the best possible decision.

Maintaining a dignified subscription sales level is no mean feat. The industry is full of new brands popping up due to increased customer demands. The recent pandemic has further escalated the demand for subscription products. The possibility is both profitable for new entrants and constitutes lots of challenges.

For one, how does a new brand convince buyers of its value and commitment? And secondly, how can businesses ensure that they don’t lose money with the wrong packaging investment?

All these questions come down to the choice brands make in terms of their packaging material, designs, and whether customized units work better for them than standard ones. If you are feeling all over the place and don’t know what it takes to make an effective choice, we have got you covered with some helpful info.

Learning some key differences between custom and ordinary packaging

Have you ever subscribed for products? What is the most intriguing part of the shipped items? Surely, online subscriptions save customers a lot of time and hassle in shopping for their favorite products, but they look for more box features than just time savings.

Subscription brands have to compete on their packaging designs to make up for the absence of physical retail experience.

Let us now learn how customized packaging is created to go with subscription products more powerfully than ordinary pre-made packaging.

Diff 1: The core

Did you know that customized boxes are made with multiple quality grades and varying dimensions? It means that you can literally craft a box in a zillion ways.

Standard boxes come in pre-set measurements. You can either get boxes that are too small or too big for your products. They also don’t offer variation in box densities and therefore, businesses using them often get bombarded with customer complaints due to damaged subscriptions.

Subscription companies are better off with customized versions of packaging. It allows them to be in control of product protection and display.

Diff 2: Outer box layer

How many times have you gone through the box contents upon receiving shipment? Probably almost all the time!

Approximately 72% of customers, in a customer poll, admitted to being influenced by branded boxes as compared to plain ones.

The outer cover can be modified to depict true branding. Customers want to know as much as possible about the business they are ordering from. The boxes create an atmosphere around the brand image. Personalized features on custom boxes help to create a favorable first brand impression.

Standard boxes lack the capability of introducing the brand and/or fulfilling customer expectations. They radiate brand logos and titles at most. This falls short on using the boxes as an effective branding tool and an opportunity to convey essential customer retaining info.

Diff 3: Culminate customer loyalty

How can subscription boxes be instrumental in fostering customer loyalty? You would be amazed at the diverse ways the boxes can work to not only instill trust in your brand but also make it seem the best choice among the crowd.

About 91% of brand sales depend on repeat purchases. That is quite a high number to encourage your brand to consider using branding components to craft the boxes so customers rely on the brand more often. You can use the following box components:

  • Textured box base to let customers know of the premium brand worth.
  • Reduce the use of standard details and pick custom fonts and colors.
  • Present the brand image in the best manner through a mixture of texts and graphics.
  • Put more emphasis on customer tastes and incorporate them within the packaging.

Diff 4: Include distinct elements than the rivals

How can brand differentiation occur in the market for identical subscription products? The brand image forms instant brand recognition. That is how we all spot our favorite brands from the lot.

Standard boxes come in plain colors. They cannot be adorned with custom illustrations nor can they contain additional box accessories. Opting for custom subscription boxes entails adding custom trays, vouchers, personalized messages, and customized seals to make shopping fun and memorable for customers.

After all, they need solid reasons to continue with their subscription with your brand in the future. You also have the option of including modern trends. For example, millennials prefer boxes made of sustainable materials. You can do the same and garner better customer retention.

Diff 5: Multiple uses

While standard boxes are only used for shipping, customized subscription boxes can be used for more than one general packaging purpose. Such as:

  1. Communicate with customers on a one-on-one basis.
  2. Reduce wastages through custom box dimensions and using bio-degradable stock paper.
  3. Enhancing marketing effects. The boxes travel long miles and the brand image can be seen by a number of potential buyers.
  4. Store and ship all kinds of products safely.
  5. Print relevant details like handling instructions, product details, brand’s website portals, etc.

All these combined with more great potential uses of customized subscription boxes create a win-win packaging solution for businesses.

When settling for a packaging type, always consider why, what, and where you want to utilize the boxes. Subscription markets are reporting improved profits with each passing year. If you want to excel here, then custom boxes would more than help you gather the required subscription numbers.


Standards boxes may cost less at the beginning but they lack the branding support required to leave a mark. Comparatively, customized units are far more profitable and cost-effective.

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