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5 Best Small Double Mattresses in the UK

What is a Double Mattress?

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What is the definition of a Double Mattress? A Double Mattress has a unique mattress size. It is larger than a twin mattress but slightly smaller than a queen mattress and also it is considered ideal for single and couple sleepers. It won’t be very difficult to get the ideal mattress for your little double bed. As there are always such mattresses on sale. But with the variety of options available, it is a bit difficult to choose whether you need a breathable, soft, or firm mattress.  Choosing the incorrect mattress may be a big mistake as you may be stuck with it for a while unless you find a brand that offers a sleep trial. Now we shall discuss the best small double mattresses in the UK.

5 Best Small Double Mattresses

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Emma Original Mattress

Emma Original Mattress is a great option for those who are seeking the greatest tiny double mattresses in the UK for all sorts of sleepers. This choice is the UK’s most awarded mattresses, and it is built of incredibly high-quality materials that help you have a good night’s sleep. It is 120 by 190cm, which is the perfect size for a compact double mattress. The Emma Mattress is Pressure Relieving and Supportive mattresses are two features that you might like. Advanced zoning and HRX foams are included in the materials, which will cradle your body and keep you supported throughout the night. 

Simba Small Double Mattress

When it comes to compact double mattresses, Simba Small Double Mattress has received several industry Honors and has a stellar reputation. This mattress is designed to suit tiny double beds measuring 120cm x 190cm and is constructed in the United Kingdom. You can be certain that Simba Small Double Mattress will deliver all the best-known brand promises and will give a 10-year warranty as well. 

Vesgantti Small Double Mattress

The Vesgantti Small Double Mattress is an ideal option if you are looking for a firm and comfortable mattress that would suit your tiny bed. It is 190cm x 120cm in size and weighs 26.7kg. The materials used in these are of high quality and ensure that you receive a comfortable sleep at night. It is one of the top double mattresses in the UK. Individually wrapped springs were chosen by Vesgantti for this mattress. This provides great support for pressure points in the foot, back, neck, and other areas. Multilayer breathable foam is found inside the mattress. Multilayer breathable foam is located on the foam.

Silentnight 3-Zone Small Double Mattress

For those who are seeking comfort and longevity, Silentnight 3 Small Double Mattresses is an excellent option in the UK. It has a luxurious feel without the high price tag, and this brand is recognized for exceptional customer service. While the comfort level of 18cm is not as large as the other mattresses. The materials utilized in the construction of these Silentnight mattresses are very remarkable. The Zone 3 Memory Foam adjusts to the form of your body while you sleep; this, in turn, keeps you comfortable. Additionally, there is pressure-relieving support for your entire body, which can aid in a better night’s sleep.

Nectar Small Double Mattress

For individuals who like a tiny double memory foam mattress that contours to their body the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress may be the best choice. Because this medium-firm small double mattress is 25cm thick, your body will be embraced all night long. This specific mattress has 9cm of foam which is more than other manufacturers that provide a similar product. This tiny double mattress is 120cm x 190cm in size. So it should be able to fit well in your small double bed frame. Because of the little movement transfer support, it will not matter what type of sleeper you are with this mattress. You and your companion on the mattress provided they are a partner can move about freely.


In the above discussion, we discussed that there are several double mattresses in the UK that enable us to enjoy, relax and have a good sleep at night. Emma Original Mattress, Simba Small Double Mattress, Vesgantti Small Double Mattress, and many other double mattresses give us these enjoyments and relaxation.

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