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Important Add-ons to make your Presentation Folders Stand Out

Presentation folders are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools you can have for your promotional campaigns. Not only this but they can also be used as a productivity tool for your employees for day-to-day operations. Whether you want to make business presentations, hand out information to your clients at trade shows, send out a promotional kit to your prospects, folder printing is an excellent way to organize marketing materials for everyday use. So what are the important add-ons you need to put in your personalized presentation folder to make them stand out? All this and more in this post below.

There are few things that you can be sure about including in your presentation folders and we are going to discuss 5 of them.

Here’s the guide to custom folder printing.

#1 Your Custom Business Card

Having a dedicated space to equip your business cards in your presentation folders for your sales and marketing team is essential. Outdoor meetings, exhibitions, and events require that your branding is top-notch and business cards help establish more than just contact with your potential clients. When you are about to avail custom a5 folders, make sure your presentation folders have pre-cut slots to hold multiple business cards in place. Opt for an A5 folder that can hold the size of your card and let it do the talking wherever you take them. Include your contact information, email-id, social media account, and possibly a QR code that can render maximum impact when clients are directly guided to your website and product/service information page.

#2 Booklets and Brochures

Booklets and brochures are the primary marketing materials when it comes to promotional campaigns for any business. It lets the audience and clients know about the latest products and services with all the necessary information they need before making a purchase. Half of the battle is won when you have visually engaging brochures and the other half with personalized folders that can elevate whatever that is you have to offer. Presentation folders make even the most boring documents readable, and when you have all the marketing material intact within your folders, your clients will form positive impressions and will know that you are serious about your business. Do not clutter your a5 presentation folder with a large number of marketing materials. Only integrate the ones you will know will make a difference so that you give something to your clients to explore themselves. Also with booklets and brochures intact, your brand will be a constant reminder to your client when they carry them back to homes.

#3 Merchandise

Having merchandise put in with other marketing material will surely put your brand in a better light. After a sale of any products or service, you can give presentation folders to clients that have key chains, posters, stickers to be put on refrigerators, etc. A constant reminder to your brand, it will work wonders moving forward. The benefits of A5 folder printing outweigh its cost. Adding merchandise will let the clients know that you care about them, and a long-lasting relationship is definitely on the cards if you pull all the tricks right.

#4 Custom Pens and Notepads

The most commonly included items with marketing materials are custom pens and notepads. Be it college seminars, presentations, business conferences, or client meets you will see these two products time and again, and they are effective at what they do. Custom pens and notepads are also included in presentation folders whenever a new joiner is set to work for a company. From startups to small to medium-sized businesses, everyone loves to incorporate custom pens and notepads for productive measures. This is also a thoughtful gesture when you provide these two items within your marketing materials to your clients. Highlight custom pens and notepads with your brand logo, and much more and let no marketing space go to waste.

#5 CD or DVD copies

Last but not least! CDs and DVDs might be out of fashion but still, they can be effectively used to highlight your brand once the client leaves with all the information they need. You can give an insight on many things when it comes to your brand, your company origins, a walk-through of your office and the team goes about work, latest products, services, offerings, etc. There is an endless amount of information you can put into them to build trust among your clients and consumer base. Ensure to put your discs in a printed sleeve to keep things neat and professional for long-lasting usage.

Let’s Wrap It Up

We hope to have covered all the important points that you need to add before giving orders for your custom presentation folders. Always seek the guidance of professionals before shelling your money. A printing company that takes care of your sizing and style with presentation interlocking folders while providing a wide range of designs, artwork, lamination, and finishing options should be your go-to choice when ordering unique presentation folders.

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