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5 Top PR Strategies That Will Help Increase Brand Presence

You have a brilliant product, a brilliant idea for a brand, and a great team to help turn your business dream into reality. What’s next? A good PR strategy to establish your brand.

They say that advertising is what you pay for, but publicity is what you pray for. And when it comes to making a successful brand, the one thing that will separate it from the chaff and set it apart from the competition is good PR.

Public Relations is an integral part of marketing as it ensures that all the work that you’re putting in gets noticed and acknowledged. It can mean something as little as your relationship with a stakeholder or something as significant as how your brand is perceived by the general public.

If you are in the process of setting up your brand or already have a working one but want to relook at how the world sees it and interacts with it, keep reading. We have compiled a list of 5 fail-safe PR strategies that are guaranteed to increase your brand presence and engagement.

List of Top PR Strategies To Boost Brand Presence

1. Owned, Paid, and Earned Marketing – Pay Attention to All Three

An effective PR campaign always takes into consideration the 3 marketing channels: owned, paid, and earned. Think of it this way: for owned and earned media, you pay with your time and effort, while for paid channels, you pay with money.

If you are looking to build better awareness for your brand, make sure that your PR strategies cover all three channels. Owned channels include your website, blog, social media handle, founder’s LinkedIn profiles, and many more.

Creating content for these channels is beneficial as it translates into organic brand awareness and can help various stakeholders and industry professionals connect with the brand and form meaningful connections.

Paid channels are comparatively easy to crack, but have the downside that they can only paint a surface-level picture of the brand because of the lack of familiarity. However, long-term associations with a handful of media publications can lead to creating in-depth and meaningful content.

Earned media, on the other hand, is considered to be one of the toughest eggs to crack. It is when your brand, services, people, or work is featured by media and publications of their free will. This helps create brand awareness and generates trust in the brand and is the most sought-after media by brands.

2. Build Trust as a Thought Leader in the Industry – Teach Something You Know

It isn’t easy for a brand to find new things to say about its products or services every day on social media. One way to keep the audience engaged is to use owned media to publish information regarding related and non-competitive products and give out information on related services.

This can include the founders or key team members publishing articles, and featuring on video channels and platforms to speak on their fields of expertise. This will help establish the brand as a thought leader in the industry and build trust in its product portfolio.

3. Build Good Relationships with Journalists

The key to good PR is to have good relationships with journalists. This mostly involves keeping in touch with journalists who write about your specific industry and reaching out in time with the latest news and developments.

Long-term relationships with journalists and publication editors will also help in giving more than a surface understanding of the brand to readers and help get news about your brand out as soon and effectively as possible.

When looking for PR agencies to handle PR strategies for your brand, make sure to choose one that stresses on such long-term relationships with journalists and have a proven record of good media coverage.

4. Engage with Existing and Potential Customers

As we said earlier, because of social media, brands have become more accessible than ever . This means that there is not only greater ease, but also a greater need for them to interact with existing and potential customers.

This can mean creating relevant and informative content, as well as making announcements of new launches and sales. Social media is driven by a continuous feed and dynamic algorithm – this means that to stay in front of the customer’s eyes, content needs to be posted regularly.

However this also means that there has to be a balance – post too less and the audience forgets, do it too often and they are overwhelmed.

Striking the right balance to have more subscriptions than unsubscriptions is the key, and unique for every brand. Having a trusted and best PR agency in India with a proven track record on your side can help you bring about this balance and so increase brand presence and awareness.

5. Build Strong Networks in the Industry

With the ever-increasing and widespread use of social media, brands and companies have become more accessible than ever before.

Networking today also means interacting with other brands on social media, especially if it’s a non-competitor brand in the same industry. This can also lead to meaningful content or product collaborations.

Networking is often difficult for brands starting out on their own, and this is where good and able PR agencies can help you find your way.

So, we hope these simple yet effective tips will help you leverage the advantage of PR strategies to maximize your brand presence in the long run. By executing these top PR strategies for your brand accurately, you will become a winner in your industry by gaining an edge over your competition.

Garima Chugh
Garima Chugh
Garima is a marketing consultant, social media enthusiast, blogger, and content strategist at Urbanmedia Solutions. She has written on various topics, including SEO, startup strategies, public relations, social media marketing, and content marketing.

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