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07 Top Reasons a New Business Needs To Launch a PR Campaign

With globalized markets, hundreds of businesses are commenced every day. But here the main concern is how the general public will know about these businesses. How an entrepreneur can make sure that his newly established business has reached targeted consumers, creates a buzz across the city, and is not listed as one of the startups that got shut?

The most appropriate answer to these questions is hiring a professional PR agency to launch a PR campaign. You might be aware of the meaning of the term PR (public relations), i.e., “getting the general public to know and recognize your company or brand.” However, this is only a small proportion that public relations cover.

Here in this article, we’ve put together some key reasons why launching a PR campaign can be beneficial for new businesses.

Top Reasons New Businesses Should Launch a PR Campaign

1. PR Can Introduce the Business to the World

Not launching a PR campaign talking about your business will reduce its potential to acquire much-needed coverage. The new business needs to be known to its target audience and effective public relations do exactly the same. PR helps in publicizing the businesses in a positive light which further helps them bloom.

2. Builds Brand Credibility

Third-party mentions driven by media coverage usually provide authenticity to the brand value, key messages, and corporate values. Now that credibility of your brand is the deciding factor for consumer behavior, tapping into the right media channels can best aid you achieve your business goals.

An effectively formulated and launched PR campaign will build brand awareness and establish brand credibility which will increase its value, encouraging word-of-mouth advertising and increasing sales.

3. PR Can Drive More Traffic to the Business Website

With digital evolution, digital PR has become an integral part of PR strategies as it helps in achieving online mentions with relevant links boosting the overall online performance of the newly launched business. The coverage provided by public relations can be from journalists or influencers, on the new websites, blogs, social media, and community forums.

The PR agencies are experts in generating high-quality backlinks to your website on a relevant third-party channel that will speak to your company’s targeted audience which in return elevates organic traffic to your site.

4. PR Aids in Connecting with the Relevant Influencers

Along with providing the required coverage to the new business, public relations agencies are also professional in providing the audience with a story about you and your enterprise.

When working on publicizing your startup, these professionals might also help you connect with influencers in your industry who are experienced enough to provide valuable feedback about your business.

5. PR Supports Your Marketing Campaign

Although public relations and marketing are two different concepts, they share the same goal, i.e., to build brand awareness by reaching a wider audience. Therefore, both these strategies go hand in hand.

Having a solid marketing strategy in place is one step to business growth, however, if you are not focusing on a PR campaign, then you can’t achieve the maximum results and vice-versa.

For instance, you have a piece of media coverage. This is a great strategy, but communicating the same message through the company’s official social media accounts and newsletter will make more people aware of your press feature which further builds brand credibility and loyalty.

6. PR Doesn’t Burden Your Pocket

When it comes to a new business, it needs at least one or two years to break even. And during the initial stage of business, when you are not making enough profits, you don’t want to drain out these reserves by spending hugely on advertising. With new businesses needing cost-effective solutions to market their brand, public relations come into the light.

Hiring a professional and experienced PR agency and choosing an appropriate plan according to the company’s budget (monthly, quarterly, or yearly) can save you almost thrice the amount that you would have otherwise spent on advertising.

7. PR Helps in Scaling the Business

Public relations add value to your business- it lets your company speak to a targeted network and the public. Your brand is earning the required visibility, awareness, and attention which secure you more recognition to further help you enter new markets and expand your business.

Increased brand value through positive PR contributes majorly to the overall value of your business. Moreover, a strong brand act as a significant investment in the long-term sales pipeline of a business.

Bottom Line:

For a PR campaign to be successful, it should consist of three essential characteristics- identifying the business goal, drafting a message to communicate the identified business goal, and effectively communicating the drafted message to the intended audience.

Since each company needs to tell a story for engaging targeted customers, especially new businesses, working with a PR agency can help in illustrating that story to the public.

Professional PR companies in India specializes in all things concerning public relations including digital storytelling, content marketing, advertisements, media releases, and branding. Such companies are experts in creating media marketing content covering all positive features of your newly launched business that helps in driving customer engagement and increasing sales.

Garima Chugh
Garima Chugh
Garima is a marketing consultant, social media enthusiast, blogger, and content strategist at Urbanmedia Solutions. She has written on various topics, including SEO, startup strategies, public relations, social media marketing, and content marketing.

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