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How to Start a Poultry Farm in Dubai? 

Poultry farming is the best business to do in Dubai because of its instant demand at the commercial level. People love to eat chicken for every single meal and are constantly appreciated for its nutritious element. The demand is huge because in-house development can only meet 50 percent of the demand and so setting up a poultry business in Dubai is an excellent idea.

Step by step guide on starting poultry farm in Dubai–

Now, let us understand some basic requirements for a poultry farm in the UAE. 

Have a business plan 

Having a business plan is definitely the way to the smooth running of a business. You can clear your goals up one by one with a clever plan. Let us see what all basic plans you should have in mind while doing a poultry business.

  • First and foremost, find the ideal location to kickstart your poultry business in the UAE.
  • Secondly, think and act upon all the essential types of equipment. Make a list to be organized because you don’t want to miss a thing for your big business.
  • Decide on the bird or choose varieties of birds for your poultry farm. If you want to focus on a certain bird breed go ahead after understanding the feasibility.
  •  You are also in high need of adequate advertising and marketing for your poultry farm and so make sure to do that.
  • Finally, plan about the budget and also clear up the legal side by applying for licenses.

Research about the product 

If you are planning on starting a chicken farm then do your homework on chickens because it is not easy at all. It requires its own study and research before starting the business. Hens eat whatever they get to eat and it’s weird when you think about it. So you need to learn about what they should be given, how long do they take to lay eggs, how to take care of eggs, how to prepare them through the stages of their life, to take care of the egg, and how to get the eggs hatched, etc.

Choose a breed you want 

Compare your objectives and the facts you know about poultry farms. Further, decide what chicken breed you want if you are aiming for a chicken farm. Select the breed that matches your business goals. For instance, you will get to know that a black-legged horn chicken lays more eggs than the white leghorn chicken and this example alone speaks about what do you want or what breed do you want. 

Get poultry products from a reliable supplier 

Only work with dealers that provide you with quality birds or else drop the plan because it is not going to take you anywhere. You can spot different and reliable dealers through the internet. You can compare the prices and even read the reviews people have put up for your information. After that process, you can visit the farm for a better understanding of the situation. You have many options to choose from but whatever the case is always remember to find out from the origin of the birds. 

Create a plan for the budget  

You can either do it yourself or seek help from professionals to decide and plan on a budget. Calculate beforehand to see how much it will cost you.

Don’t skip on the expenses like expenses on food, water system, and heating.

You have to especially focus on the cost of the startup because laying out a strong foundation is ultimately important. Also, keep in mind that the budget depends upon the size of the project. 

Setting up the business 

After finding the location to build your farm we have a choice to ponder upon. One is that if you relatively have a small plot then it is wise for you to start with the small cooperative. Next, the choice is to work with a real estate broker for handling the larger area for the farm. Select the one that fits your heart’s desire. 

Municipality Inspection 

The municipality comes and checks whether everything is okay after the name and initial approval are done. If the location and everything else is ready for farming then they will come and check whether all the businesses abide by the safety rules by the Department of Environment. After their approval, you can begin farming.

Obtaining license 

After the approval from the municipality, you can go to the DED, the farmers can collect the license. You must submit the receipt of payment and the license is all yours for the business.

Cost for setting up the poultry farm in UAE 

You only need to spend money on the license. You have to spend much like what you spend for an average license cost and there is no extra cost spent on approval from the municipality.

Ownership of the poultry farm

The ownership is 100 percent to the real owner like the professional license you have in your hand and the citizens in UAE acts as the local service agent.

Employ a Veterinary doctor 

You should hire an experienced veterinarian if you want to start a business in Dubai. According to the famous law passed in UAE, the vet should be under the qualification of the Health Authority exam before they can actually start exercising in the UAE. 

Advantages of starting of poultry farming in UAE 

 start a poultry farm in Dubai-shuraa Business Consultants

Now let us see some important advantages of establishing poultry farming in the UAE. They are the following:

  1. We need a sufficient amount of nutrition in our body to survive healthily and so people prefer poultry products to consume. Poultry products are known for their high content in nutrition that is abundant for the human body. 
  2. You can start your business even with limited space because you really don’t need large spaces for farming. You can start with space that is sufficient to grow healthy chickens or ducks.
  3.  Poultry farming in the UAE is the best business to do in Dubai because it is instantly productive. At the commercial level, it sure is to bring profits to your business because UAE people are health conscious.
  4.  People love chicken and so the business is never dying out of demand but only the business grows due to high demand.


Everyone loves poultry products as it is not only to make great dishes but also approved for their nutritional values. So, the poultry business is an evergreen business and the demand is unimaginable. To keep up with the increasing demands for poultry in Dubai, they must have more poultry farms like you. If you feel stuck in a certain point of business setup you can approach business setup consultants in Dubai. They make the business setup process easy for you.

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