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Some Blooming, Brightening And Captivating Plants For Inhouse Planting

In this era, with such a busy, hectic, and challenging lifestyle we all tend to get depressed, irritated, and aggressive at times. But do you know, having a plant around can not only uplift our mood but also provides a healthy environment around us. We tend to be more joyful, cheery, and calm with just a little greenery around. 

We all can think of having some indoor plants or maybe a small kitchen garden which can be a major game-changer for us. Having plants around not only improves the air quality around us but also helps us to be more creative. They create a happy aroma around us. They provide a classy and colorful look to our homes. Having a little kitchen garden not only provides us with fresh organic, homegrown herbs but they are also a cheaper alternative to consider and a lot healthier.

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Below is a list of a few indoor plants and plants to choose from for the kitchen garden:


They are small shrubs and have seeds called coffee beans which have a large amount of caffeine. They are beautiful green plants that can be placed around windows or balconies or even in the living room. It’s very easy to take care of coffee plants. 

They can grow in medium indirect light which makes them favorable to grow at homes. Once in a while when enough beans are obtained, they can be roasted to make a cup of fresh home-grown coffee. So why not consider planting indoors.

They are a major mood uplifter and the best choice to be considered for home planting as they also serve medicinal purposes. They are helpful in people who are hypotensive or tend to have low blood pressure.


Botanical Name: Zamioculcas zamiifolia

ZZ plants have very attractive, wide and dark green colored, smooth, waxy leaves which makes them best for home and office planting. Their shiny coating leaves appear to be made of plastic. Stems of ZZ plants grow in wand-like shapes and are bulbous and thick at the base. When placed in the living room, they can brighten up the room with their aroma and beauty.

ZZ plants are best for home planting as they are effective in removing xylene, toluene, benzene like and other copious amounts of toxins from the air. When grown indoors we can have a natural fresh atmosphere around which is free from any toxins. Consider buying indoor plants online as the process is hassle-free and home delivery is also provided.


It is an indoor houseplant with very low maintenance. It works as a good indoor air purifier and removes toxic air chemicals which may include formaldehyde and benzene. Aglaonema plants are popular worldwide as luck-bringing ornamental plants. If we ever forget to water the plant, it will still be okay and fine therefore Aglaonema plants are also called forgiving plants.

They are a number one choice for home planting as being a great oxygen provider it absorbs all the carbon dioxide from our surroundings and helps us feel fresh all the time. Also, they have these pretty alluring bright pink leaves and stems which enhance the beauty of our houses.


Botanical Name: Hoya kerrii

This plant is known by various names like Valentine’s plant and Sweetheart wax plant. They are the perfect plants to be placed in our windows or hanging in the entrance of our homes or stairs.

They are small heart-shaped plants that look very adorable, pretty, and appealing when planted at homes. Also being very low maintenance and easy to grow, it should surely be considered for indoor planting. While buying it for a home to get a variety in choice order indoor plants online. 


Kalanchoe flowers occur in clusters and are four-petaled and available in various color shades like magenta, red, pink, orange, yellow, and white. Their leaves have scalloped edges and are thick waxy and dark green in color. Being nocturnal oxygenators, they are the perfect household plants that help to sleep deeper and can be considered to plant in our bedrooms too.

 Kalanchoe plants are very attractive and they are best to plant indoors as they are a perfect mood booster and also require very little maintenance and are very durable.


They may occur as large rhizomes or tubers. The shape of their leaves looks like arrow-shaped ears or heart-shaped. They are also known by the name of Elephant’s ear. They are beautiful showy plants which we should surely consider planting in our homes as they embrace and enhance the surroundings and also provide an exotic look.

Being rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin C, magnesium, iron, and zinc these plants also serve the purpose of providing various nutritional and health benefits.

One should surely consider planting Alocasia plants indoors as they can be beneficial in preventing scurvy, also eliminates free radical pollutants around, treats acne, helpful in treating insomnia, and also improves our mental health.

Planting plants indoors can be very fascinating and a major stress buster. A little greenery around can help in improving our concentration and productivity. In addition, they boost our mood and add life to our homes. Buying plants online can be a major time saver in our busy schedules.

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