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Mahindra 700 KVA Generator for Sale

Do you intending to purchase a 700KVA Mahindra diesel generator, this is your correct choice or not? Here in this blog, you find the most significant data around Mahindra 700KVA Generator for sale. Mahindra produces generators with the most recent innovation and is likewise mainstream for giving the best assistance. 

In today’s time, the generator has become an essential machine of all, without it people consider their work incomplete during the power outage because nowadays electric devices are being used for every work. If there is no electricity, then the electric device belongs to no one. Having a power backup generator means being prepared in advance for future power outages.

Mahindra produces a wide scope of diesel generator, railroad hardware, car parts, and gear managing materials and development. 

The remarkable capacities to be had in a Mahindra generator like generators’ motor unwavering quality, brief reaction time, fuel tank capacity, and the weight gracefully ability cause them to be increasingly well known contrasted with different generators. 

On this page, you will get the opportunity to find out about the most recent Mahindra 700KVA DG sets, highlights, and Mahindra 700 KVA Single-stage Generator benefits. 

Significant Features of 700KVA Mahindra Diesel Generator 

  • Splendid Activities 
  • Microchip Chip-based auto-start controller for AMF movement 
  • Distant start and stop office 
  • Versatile 
  • Littler 
  • Impeccable with any AMF/PIU justification controller 
  • Basic access to all assistance centers 
  • Safe to use 
  • Outfitted with fire retardant foam 
  • Inbuilt security features like HWT1, LFL3, CHF4, RWL5 
  • Eco-Friendly highlights 
  • Low clamor with less vibrations 
  • CPCB-II norms 
  • Clean discharges 

Mahindra Generator Optional Highlights 

  • Multi input AMP Framework 
  • Auto synchronization for equal undertakings 
  • Auto Move Switch (ATS) 
  • Cold starting Pack 
  • Streetcar Trailer mounted sets 
  • Electronic Senator 
  • Easy checking structure through Mod transport correspondence 
  • Totally AMF with the best change over and recovery time. 

Guideline Highlights of 700KVA Mahindra Generator 

  • Have bountiful space in acoustic for Simple Upkeep. 
  • Distinct Fuel Tank for basic cleaning 
  • Phenomenally arranged acoustics to meet tough MoEF/CPCBnorms of underneath 75 DBA 1 Meter at 75% weight under free field conditions. 
  • The acoustic fenced in areas are made of thick CRCA sheets and a Sheet/assistant sheet metal base edge painted in dim is 3mm. 
  • Auto Start/Auto Stop, Remote Beginning/Auto Stop as a standard component. 
  • Gateway Locks and Entryway Pivots are made in Tempered Steel for long life. 
  • Littler size to fitting low space models in rooftop applications. 
  • United lifting for straightforward dealing with and security. UV guaranteed polyurethane powder covering for long life. 

Mahindra 700KVA DG Set Specification: 

  1. DG Power Rating : 700 KVA . 
  • DG Model : Mahindra Powerol Generator 
  • Engine Parameters : 4 chambers, 57 HP, prime assessed with 10% over-troubling considered 1 hour in 12 hours run. 
  • Alternator : Brushless 
  • Square Loading Capacity : Best in the segment. 
  • Most eco-accommodating in the segment with minimal cost of ownership. 
  • Discharge free generator engine intend to keep your 700KVA diesel generator smooth and clean. 
  1. Assurance Offering– 
  • 2 years/5000 Hours ensure from date of dispatching. 
  • Assurance on Complete DG Set (checking electrical and prosperity) for quite a while. 
  • Amazing long period Warranty by Mahindra Powerol for whole diesel generator models (checking internal engine OEM parts). 
  1. Oil Change Period – 800 run hours 
  2. Other Unique Offerings in the thing by M&M – 

Association fitted SMPS Battery Charger to avoid excessive run of DG set for battery charging purposes. 

Well beingWell-being for fixed zone in fuel deftly structure in case of delayed fuel nimbly, with configurable low fuel ready and low fuel shut down. 

Most improvement DG controller with industry driving features. 

No movement/transportation charges on spares/consumables (portal transport by M&M). 

Electronic Field Service Report for better administration by you on DG redesiging/upkeep works out. 24*7 cost free customer helpline number. 

AMF arranged set with in-gathered LVM. DG motorization should be conceivable with including not a lot of parts and no need of complete AMF board. 

  1. New appealing arrangement: Engineered cover by M&M . 


The Mahindra 700 KVA Generator has a battery limit of 100 Ah. The appraised current Capacity @ 0.8PF for the single stage is 130.4. The appraised speed of the Mahindra 700KVA Single Phase Generator is 24. 

Some other Features: 

The DG Lifting Type is explicitly for the Mahindra 700KVA Generators. The generator is a backup style generator. Mahindra allows a one-year maker’s guarantee with the Mahindra 700KVA Single Phase Power Backup Generator. 


A Mahindra 700KVA Generator is the most ideal decision when out of nowhere power goes out and you need a force flexibly. In this blog, we talk about their points of interest, features, and more nuances. 

On the off chance that you need more subtleties identified with the best generators, you can discover your answer by visiting our EO Energy site or call our help group.

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