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What Does a Locksmith Job Duties and Responsibilities

A locksmith is a skilled tradesman that can install and repair a wide range of security products. There was a time when simple deadbolts were used to lock the house doors but in modern times, lock and key designs are more advanced.

Owing to technological advancements locksmiths are supposed to do a lot more than installing simple deadbolts. The following are some of the most common services provided by locksmiths. Different individuals may have a varying degree of expertise in any of these services but all of them have general knowledge about them.

1. Dealing With Lockouts

Most people think about a locksmith when they are stuck with a locked vehicle or building. If you can’t access your building or locked outside your car, call your nearest locksmith to get you out of the frustrating situation.

Unless the lock is damaged or broken, a trained locksmith can open the lock without inflicting any damages to the lock. Whereas most of the DIY tricks or amateur locksmiths end up doing more harm than good. The professional expertise of a locksmith allows you to regain access without compromising the safety of the lock.

2. Key Copying And Replacement

Key copying and replacement are one of the primary services provided by a locksmith. Either you move into a new home or buy a new vehicle, it is highly recommended to make copies of the key, in case you lose them in the future. You need to hire a certified locksmith for key copying.

If you have already lost a key and want to cut a new key, a locksmith is there to help you. They can even make new keys without having the original key. An auto locksmith also provides key reprogramming services.

3. Lock Installation

Either it is a newly constructed building or the owner is striving to ramp up the security, services of a locksmith are absolutely necessary. They install new locks for windows, doors, and other access points. When you move into a new house experts recommend changing your house locks or rekeying. Call a reliable locksmith to handle these jobs.

4. Rekeying

One of the basic jobs of a locksmith is rekeying. As the name suggests, a new key is made for the same lock. A locksmith can alter the lock mechanism in such a way that renders the old keys useless. Most of the property owners hire rekeying services when there is a change in residents or the keys are stolen.

5. Electronic Access Installation

Electronic access installation and repairs are also included in a modern “locksmith job description“. These systems can allow you to enter or exit a building without using keys. Most of the locks are either operated by smartphones, fingerprints, dial pads, or entrance cards.  These locks are popular as they can be easily reprogrammed whereas mechanical locks would have to be replaced.

Broken or damaged locks are relatively cheaper to repair as compared to replacements. A locksmith is also responsible for door and window lock repairs.

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