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A List of Store Bought Ingredients to Prepare Lemon Iced Tea

Trends change all the time. What’s in demand now might not be famous in a few years. Many people think trends are for clothing items only. Know that every field and industry has its trends, such as interior design, electronics, etc. Remember that the food industry has its fashions as well. It is time to discuss the popularity of food industry items. One of the most common food items these days is none other than iced tea. During the last few years, the demand for iced tea in the market has increased considerably. You can notice many cafeterias have a separate section for iced tea in the under-counter drinks fridge now. If you are a fan of iced tea, you should try lemon iced tea.

Many people still face confusion regarding iced tea. Know that iced tea is the cold form of warm tea. Any tea after chilling or adding ice can be called iced tea. One significant factor of iced tea is that it usually has a sweet flavor. It contains sweeteners such as sugar, honey, or maple syrup. Most iced teas get their taste from tea leaves which we also use in herbal teas. There are many methods of preparing iced tea. Many people also steep their tea leaves in water at a low temperature to prepare their favorite iced tea. You can also find many packaged iced tea bottles in the stores if you do not want to cook at home.

Know that readymade food contains many unhealthy ingredients. They also contain artificial flavors and chemicals. These items are harmful to the human body. It is better to avoid the consumption of readymade food items if you want to have a healthy life. You can always make iced tea in your kitchen with a few ingredients. There are many iced tea recipes you can find on the internet. But we present you with a delicious iced tea recipe. It has the best lemon citrusy flavor and sweetness. You can make this drink at home since it requires no professional skills.

Why are People Switching to Iced Tea?

Many people wonder why there is a sudden increase in demand for iced tea. Know that it is challenging for tea lovers to spend a day without a cup of tea. During summer, it is not very pleasing to consume warm tea. The scorching heat demands refreshing chilled beverages. That is why many people are switching to iced tea. Now, you can enjoy the flavor of tea during the heat. There are many benefits of consuming iced tea. It will keep you hydrated and boost your antioxidants. Other benefits of iced tea are that it can fight cancer, chill your nerves, and aid in heart diseases.

After reading about Êthe advantages of iced tea, you would be eager to try a delicious glass of iced tea. Below we have mentioned a list of ingredients to make lemon iced tea.

Tea Bags:

What is the integral ingredient to making any tea? We all know that the answer is tea leaves. Using tea leaves to make tea requires work and waiting. That is why it is better to use tea bags. You can use any tea bags of your preference. The best option is none other than black tea bags. Many people also like using orange pekoe tea bags for a citrus flavor. You can use lemon tea bags if you want a strong lemon flavor.


Guess what the next ingredient should be by reading the name of this beverage. Yes, it is lemon. You will need two large lemons to make eight servings of this mouth-watering lemon iced tea. The purpose of lemon is for lemon peels, slices, and garnishing.

Lemon Juice:

Know that lemon zest and slices are not enough to introduce the lemon flavor to your iced tea. You will need one more ingredient to make lemon iced tea. That one ingredient is none other than lemon juice. Half a cup of lemon juice is enough to make eight servings of this beverage.


We all know that iced tea has a sweet flavor. That is why a sweetener is a must for every iced tea recipe. Know that the most common sweetener is none other than sugar. One and a half cups of sugar is enough to make this delicious iced tea. You can also opt for other sweeteners. You can add honey, maple syrup, or agave nectar to this drink.

Mint Leaves:

Iced tea is a summer drink, which means it contains refreshing flavors. There is no better refresher than mint leaves. It is impossible for anyone not to like the taste of mint leaves in summer beverages. You can add a few mint leaves to your drink.

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