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Laravel vs WordPress – Which Will Be Your Best Pick in 2022

Whatever technology you are using, your ultimate aim as a website or software developer is to deliver the bespoke solution to your client. Isn’t it? Today, the IT industry has a variety of programming languages and frameworks based on them. PHP has always stayed ahead for more than a decade out of hundreds of programming languages available in the market. Not only PHP, but PHP-based frameworks such as WordPress and Laravel are also not behind anywhere. Agree?

However, WordPress and Laravel development companies have earned thousands of bucks using these technologies in 2021; now, it’s time to evaluate which one will cover the market in 2022. Today, many people want to get the answer to Laravel vs WordPress. Knowing the features, similarities, and differences in both of these web development platforms makes it easy to pick the best one for your next project. So, without further delay, let’s dive into the depth of them.


Basically, WordPress was developed by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, who released it in 2003.

It is a well-known PHP-based content management system.

With the features like a 100% free and open-source platform, WordPress was initially developed to build feature-rich blogging platforms.

But with the passage of time, it has evolved exceptionally, and now it is also used to design and develop highly-scalable and robust websites.

This entire CMS has been developed upon a templating system and plugin architecture.

Key-Features of WordPress Platform

  • Free & open-source platform
  • Simple & flexible
  • Availability of publishing tools
  • Ease of user management
  • Wide-range of themes and plugins
  • SEO-friendly
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Easy to install and upgrade
  • A wide and active community of WordPress developers
  • Fully customizable

When Should You Prefer WordPress?

If you want to develop bespoke blogging and e-commerce websites, you can blindly go with WordPress. WordPress is a CMS that allows you to manage your content like no other CMS in the market. Whether you boast coding skills or not, WordPress can easily edit your website/blog content, change themes, customize the pre-defined settings according to your requirements, and a lot more.

Key benefits of using WordPress:

  • Google loves WordPress websites
  • Complete control of the website from the dashboard
  • The fully customized website solution
  • Possible to extend your website’s functionalities using plugins
  • Easy management of multiple users
  • ‘N’ number of themes for various design
  • Easy to manage media libraries
  • Requirement of zero coding and technical knowledge laravel

Laravel framework was built on the PHP programming language by Taylor Otwell to provide the best alternative to the CodeIgniter framework.

Unlike WordPress, Laravel is also free and open-source technology that lets you create enterprise-level web applications hassle-free.

This framework keeps presentation and business logic separate due to its MVC architecture.

Ultimately, it reduces the tedious tasks of web developers and makes the web development process as fast as possible.

Key Features of Laravel Framework

  • Blade template engine
  • MVC architecture
  • Strongest security
  • Artisan tool for task automation
  • Easiest database migration system
  • Hassle-free unit testing
  • An active community of Laravel developers
  • Easy authentication and authorization
  • Object-oriented libraries
  • Object relationship mapping

When Should You Prefer Laravel?

Are you planning to develop a robust and complex web application? If yes, we must encourage you to hire Laravel developers. No matter how complex a web app you are developing, Laravel’s in-depth documentation and an active community of dedicated Laravel developers will definitely make your work as easy as possible.

Key benefits of using Laravel technology:

  • Best website performance
  • Very good at handling huge traffic
  • Easy integration with the third-party applications
  • Easy to maintain and manage website data
  • Next-level of security
  • Easy user authentication and authorization
  • Fastest caching & URL routing
  • Automated testing process
  • Amazing in-built templating system
  • Dual programming architecture

Laravel & WordPress – Hybrid Application – Possible?

Yes, it’s possible to build a hybrid web application using Laravel and WordPress, both powerful platforms.

As we discussed, one of the enticing features of Laravel is its easy third-party integration.

In such a hybrid app, you can use Laravel as backend technology and WordPress as front-end technology.

Ultimately, content management can be easy using WordPress, and complex tasks such as data authentication, authorization, etc., become easy using Laravel.

Similarities between both of these technologies:

WordPress and Laravel both are:

  • Free
  • Open-source
  • PHP based technologies
  • Flexible
  • Fully secured
  • Well-managed
  • Require object-oriented architecture
  • Possess a healthy community of supporters

Laravel vs WordPress – Final Thoughts:

We hope you have understood the basic differences and similarities between Laravel and WordPress. There is no specific reason why you should use only WordPress or Laravel. It completely depends upon the clients’ requirements and the functionalities they want in their website or web app. Moreover, how complex features they want to integrate also impact while choosing any of these technologies. So, we have just given you the idea about these PHP frameworks’ unique and similar nature. The ultimate decision is completely in your court.

If you are looking for WordPress or Laravel, or hybrid web design and development services, don’t forget to consider us! Why? We have dedicated teams of Laravel as well as WordPress developers who are here to listen to your requirements and bring your envisioned website or app to reality. So, feel free to drop us a message or call us directly.

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