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iphone vs. Android apps : Security Comparison 2022

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting tablets and smartphones more often. Considering this, the question arises for iPhone app development & android app development & more. Which mobile OS provides more security, iPhone vs. Android apps?

Hackers are targeting Android, iPhones, and iPads with malware and virus attacks. This is not surprising that consumers use mobile devices to make online purchases, & make payments. Hackers are now looking to gain access to the most private information of users. They have made iOS and Android their favorite targets. Is iOS safe or Android? We will get through everything.

iphone vs. Android apps: Risk Level 

Android application development and iPhone application development are on a rise. Along with the growth, there exist certain risk levels. Some circles consider Apple’s iOS operating platform to be the safer of the two. Apple doesn’t release the iOS source code. The owners of iPhones or iPads cannot modify the code. Hackers will find it harder to exploit vulnerabilities in iOS-powered devices.

Android devices are open-source. This means that users can customize their operating systems. Owners who do too much tinkering with their devices could create security vulnerabilities. Manufacturers are another possibility. Hackers will discover a flaw in a modified Android operating system if a phone manufacturer releases a new device.

Thousands of mobile devices run on Android, making it a target for hackers. Cybercriminals find Android more appealing due to its global popularity. These criminals are more likely to unleash malware and viruses on Android devices.

This is not the whole story. Although iOS is considered safer than Android, cybercriminals can still target iPads and iPhones. Both Android and iOS device owners need to be aware that malware and viruses can be downloaded from third-party apps stores.

There are also social engineering attacks, in which cybercriminals try to trick users into giving away log-in information and access to their bank accounts. These types of phishing attacks can strike regardless of the mobile operating system that you use: iphone vs. Android apps are equally susceptible.

iOS Apps Vs. Android Apps: What are the Security Implications of Each Mobile OS?

Android OS

Open Source

Android users can modify the source code of their devices. This is a great option for users who wish to modify the operation of their mobile devices. However, it can make Android devices more vulnerable to hackers. Users could leave a cybercriminal’s entry by accidentally altering the source code of their Android device.


Android is very popular. Developers are creating new apps to run on Android. Hackers create malicious apps that infect mobile devices. Google Play has an app review process. The process for adding apps to Google Play is much simpler. Malicious apps can easily be smuggled onto the Google Play Store. It’s more likely that users will install them by mistake. The main problem is that an Android user can open a device and allow the installation from unknown sources.

This allows you to install software on your Android device that is not available from the Google PlayStore. You can download the software, or APK as it is known, from any website.


The Android operating system is not limited to Apple-branded devices. It runs on a variety of mobile devices made by other companies, unlike the iOS operating system. Some manufacturers might offer hardware better insecurity than others. The manufacturer can also use a custom operating system containing software that is not easily removed for malicious intent.

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Apple’s iOS


Apple does not allow its users to modify the iOS operating system, or to load custom ROMs on their devices. This makes the system safer as Apple controls all aspects of the experience. Nevertheless, some Apple mobile device owners jailbreak their devices and modify their source code anyway. Jailbreaking unlocks new capabilities for the devices, such as the ability to change digital-assistant Siri’s voice. Apple will not support such devices, so be careful.

More Robust Controls

Developers have a harder time getting apps in the App Store. Because the App Store review process is more rigorous, it’s harder for developers to get apps in. This makes it less likely that a malicious app will be able to enter Apple’s stores.

The Least Desirable Target

Hackers don’t attack the iOS operating system as often because there are fewer mobile devices that use it. This is logical: Cybercriminals and hackers can make more victims if their attacks are concentrated on the Android OS.

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iOS’s Best Security Protection is Still Optional

Despite security risks and vulnerabilities, it is important to note that Apple still provides the best security protection.

The sad truth is that even the most effective security measures are often considered optional. Apple iOS’s App Transport Security (ATS), protection feature, makes data encryption mandatory. However, this feature is optional and can be omitted by apps according to the developer guide.

Final Thoughts

Both iOS and Android have many security flaws and weaknesses, even though they may use different methods. Although iOS has a slight advantage in security, it isn’t foolproof. Although Android is open source, its security is improving. All in all, iOS is less vulnerable than Android.

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