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How Interlocking folders Saves Time and Money

Presentation folders are one of the major parts of the marketing process of businesses. Even in this era of online marketing, the feel and look of printed material make an enormous difference. The folders will help you boost business, especially in direct interactions with the target audience.

Just consider the direct marketing scenario, where you meet and sell your products or services to a potential customer. Always keep a personalized presentation folder with you during these meetings. You can always give a copy of your personalized A4 folder to people that visit your business. Since all the information is neatly placed inside the A4 or A5 folder, communication will be easier. The reader would feel you are a professional and that they can keep their trust in you to deliver what they are looking for.

Choosing a Presentation folders Printing Service

The presentation folder printing industry has changed a lot through the years. The changes have happened to the printing methods as well as the materials used in creating personalized folders. That is the reason behind the large variety of options available for you when you are looking for a good folder printing service. While choosing such a service for your needs, there are a few things to enquire about before going further.


The service you collaborate with must have excellent customer service. Most services offer you cheap printing charges, but you must understand going cheap will lead to problems in the future. The quality of the print is a sign of a professional approach to doing business.

A good printing unit will guide you through every stage of the process. They can help you make decisive choices about choosing A4 or A5 presentation folders, choosing an artwork, etc. With the help of expert designers and printers, they will take time to get you informed about all of their services.

After choosing a presentation folder printing service, find more about them. The internet is a good place to find reviews of previous customers. Look for qualities like timely delivery and customer care too.


When you are past the designing phase, you can start looking for a printing service. But always ask for previous work or samples before making a final decision. A good A5 folder can be made even better by using a good finish or even embossing at certain places.

While looking at the samples, you can get new ideas or even find a better design than yours. Personalized presentation folders give you the freedom to experiment with designs and layouts.


As you have seen, there are multiple methods for folder printing, but not all folder printing units have the machinery or expertise to come up with what you need. For instance, foiling and embossing are some of the latest trends in the designing of presentation folders. For attaining great quality, you will have to find the expertise and experience in delivering these results.

Interlocking vs Glued Presentation Folders

You can classify the presentation folders into many types based on various parameters. With the distinction of size, they can be either A4 or A5 presentation folders. A4 folders can be further divided based on the portrait or landscape layout.

But interlocking and glued folders are distinguished by the way the folders are put together. The folds are either glued together to form the folder or they can be folded into one.

The glued variety offers more security to the contents inside the folder. They come already assembled from the printing press and there is no need for any assembly from your side. But if you are planning to get a large number of glued folders and store them for a long time, there is a minor issue that will have bigger consequences.

As time passes, the bonds between the folder flaps will weaken. This also varies depending on time and the glue used. This is a big loss financially for you. Even with this disadvantage, the glued A4 presentation folders can carry even CDs once they are properly customized to do so.

Interlocking is a way to fold the folder pages to the required form. These arrive from the printing service as they are printed with open pockets and flaps. This makes them easier to store in a cabin without damage for a longer time compared to the glued version. Whenever you are in need of a folder, you can take one out and assemble it. The assembly process is very easy, too. So you save money on gluing and the assembly.


The common understanding is that the glued version performs better than the latter because of the tight fit. But this depends on the way you use both. For instance, there are a few advantages for the interlocking a5 folders. Apart from the fact that they are cost-effective, interlocking folders are delivered flat by the folder printing services.

The glued model comes to you already assembled and is ready for use. But if you are planning to store the folder for a long time on the shelf, the glue might loosen up, resulting in a personalized folder that is unusable. On the other hand, interlocking folders can be assembled by you whenever you want them. The durability and shelf-life of interlocking folders are superior compared to the glued ones.

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