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Guide about the Interior and Exterior Wall Tiles

Stone walls are an interior and exterior design trend that will never go out of style, which many people prefer and use extensively in architecture and homework. Tiles with unique features and exceptional beauty are increasingly used to replace traditional paintings to highlight the unique beauty and fashion of a building. as resistance

Best Interior Tiles

Types of tiles

The tiles used today are quite popular for villas, townhouses, restaurants, and cafes to combine aesthetics and integrate human nature. Wall tiles are currently of the following types:

Granite (granite tiles)

Granite, also known as granite with outstanding properties in terms of strength, hardness, is capable of resisting very well. At the same time, marble is cheaper than marble. This stone is suitable for making tiles for items such as facades, kitchen countertops, or bathroom tiles. Because these items often require high strength, water resistance.

Marble (marble tiles)

A marble, also known as marble, is composed of metamorphosed limestone, not a slab. The rock is mainly composed of calcium, a crystalline form of calcium carbonate. The stone still has its beauty, and each stone will have its own unique and not the same. Each stone contains a natural stone nebula, sometimes soft, floating like a flying dragon and a dance of the phoenix, sometimes unique and powerful shapes.

Rocks with rich and varied colors such as white, black, red, and blue will bring unique beauty and personality to your space. The stone has time-defying durability, and the stone thickness can withstand high pressure and strong impact force.

Travertine stone

The stone has a classic and rustic beauty, but there is still an elegance that makes the difference compared to other stones. The stones are of various colors: brown, white, gray, light brown, red digital vitrified floor tiles like rust. Travertine has a light texture. It is porous and has a greater hardness than marble. The stone also has good heat resistance, withstands large temperature fluctuations, and retains good colors.

Inside decorative stone tiles are used

Glazed vitrified tiles with different sizes and materials used in colors are very popular in interior and exterior design. With extremely remarkable benefits, wall tiles are something that cannot be ignored to make your home more unique. Join us for information on wall coverings as well as today’s best wall coverings.

Stone tiles for small stages

When choosing an interior stone wall for a small landscape, special care must be taken to achieve maximum aesthetics and ensure quality for long-term use. The flow of water often determines the position of the landscape, so when choosing wall tiles, good waterproofing will help to protect the wall better. Choose neutral colors like brown, tan, creamy white, or gray because these colors will accentuate surrounding details like leaves and flowing water.

Stone facade

The facade is where the weather affects the most attention, as well as the area affected by nature, so the use of stone tiles is the right option for each family. Stone tiles add elegance and sophistication and help protect your home from the outdoors, preventing mold and peeling as usual.

Paving stones in the garden

The use of flooring in the garden not only helps to improve the aesthetic value of the entire house but also helps to protect the wall of the house effectively. Stone walls will be the most suitable material for decoration of sophistication, greater depth for flower beds, fence walls.

Doors with stone walls

The door is the first impression so that the viewer can feel the beauty of all the architecture. This is a factor that reflects the owner’s personality. Therefore, the door should be appropriately and beautifully decorated with stone wall materials. Materials with stone motifs, fine lines, and patterns bring beauty and elegance to the door.

Masonry room

The interior decoration is a living room and a living room so that the whole family has a modern, comfortable, and free space. Therefore, this space should be cozy, but it should also exude elegance, beauty, and show the owner’s taste. Therefore, the choice of wall covering for living spaces will also have a variety of options.

  • Color: with vivid colors, it is suitable for a room with a narrow area, which helps to expand the space. You can choose a light cream colored tile for your home that will help bring comfort, luxury, and harmony to other furniture in your living room. In a large living room, you should choose neutral colors, not light stones.
  • Textures, patterns. For living room interior wall tiles, choose fewer textures and patterns to help open up space.
  • Large wall tiles should be used as this will reduce lines that add aesthetics.

Masonry for the kitchen

The kitchen space is a place that is often exposed to grease, so it is necessary to use tiles for this area, so it should be easy to clean and clean. You will feel very uncomfortable if the wall is full of grease, stains. The choice of interior linings for the kitchen must be aesthetic: this is the best option. Depending on the style of the kitchen, there will be many ideas to choose the stones accordingly.

With walls around the kitchen, you can choose 60 * 60cm nano tiles, 30 * 60cm stones, with solid colors. Since solid colored stones will help create ventilation, they will not cause visual disturbances. Black tiles help add elegance and mystery, while white tiles help create a cleaner, cleaner kitchen. If you want the kitchen space to come alive, choose a patterned stone pattern, a pattern.

Masonry for the bedroom

After a tiring day at work, a bedroom is where everyone wants to relax and unwind. Therefore, choosing tiles in the room should also provide comfort and relaxation for the room’s owner. Avoid choosing stones with complex motifs because it can confuse, and insecurity is not suitable for sleeping. When using ice-colored interior tiles, golden brown is the smartest choice, a source of comfort.

In a room with limited space, you should choose vibrantly colored room tiles to make the room feel airy, spacious, and comfortable. And for a room with a large area, you need to choose a patterned stone pattern, and such stunning colors will help the room stand out more.

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