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Interesting Factoids I bet you never knew about Wood Flooring

So are you trying to decide what type of flooring to choose? Maybe we help you with a little introduction to some personality differences of reclaimed wood flooring from the perspective of a manufacturer like us who specializes in making Wood flooring in Columbus.

Choosing a Wood Flooring:

Expectations are essential with large purchase items like floors. This is especially true with hardwood floors. There is no doubt that a new hardwood floor will add a dimension of beauty and warmth to your home. Many consumers are unaware that hardwood floors have unique characteristics that make them not the perfect option for everyone. It is not to discourage you from purchasing affordable wood flooring, but these four little-known facts about hardwood flooring should be considered before making a purchase.

Why Wood floors are in Trend? 

There are finishes that manufacturers put on wooden floors to make them more resistant to scratches. The popular finish these days is aluminum oxide. Hardwood floors also usually have a wear guarantee of 5 to 50 years. Usage warranties, however, generally only guarantee that the veneer will not wear out completely. There are no scratch warranties in the wood flooring in Columbus business. All wood floors, regardless of the finish treatment or the quality of the wood, will be susceptible to scratching the surface.

Prepare For hardwood floor:

With that said, be sure to prepare your home for a hardwood floor before installation. It’s good to use furniture, rug, and mat protectors to protect your hardwood floors from scratches. You may also want to consider tiling your driveways as this is the area where the most traffic generally occurs. If there are pets and children in the house, you want to find laminate flooring, which is much more resistant to scratches.

Wood floors are pledge to bleed:

Hardwood floors are by no means a soft product, but they can be susceptible to dents from heavy use or falls. No wood floor is dent-proof, but different species of wood have varying degrees of hardness. With this test, wood species are scored based on the force required to embed a steel ball into the forest. The better the wood species is to resist dents and wear. The common wood species used in flooring is the standard by which all other species are measured. It has a score of 1290.

It Hides dents and Scrapes:

There are species of wood that score higher than 3000 on this test, and although they may wear out better with daily use, it will likely still dents if something substantial like a hammer or food can is dropped On wood. If you are concerned about the ability of your floor to support crevices, you have other options. There are porcelain and “wood look” high-pressure laminate products that are much more resistant to pressure and wear. Also, a worn or hand-scraped hardwood floor will do a better job of hiding dents and other scrapes.

Wood floors are modern to age:

Ageing with most floor coverings is generally related to how a story loses its shine over time due to wear and tear on the floor. “Your carpet has aged,” you would think it is time to buy a new carpet. However, one of the unique attributes of hardwood floors is its ability to look better with age. Wood floors have come with natural character and beauty. With proper maintenance, regular traffic should enhance the beautiful nature of your hardwood floor. A real wood floor can also be restored to restore its original lustre and shine. This is something that cannot be done with wood-looking products like vinyl and porcelain.

Photosensitivity Wood Flooring In Columbus:

These are wonderful attributes, but what I want to mention in this section is the photosensitivity of hardwood floors. Wood tends to change colour when exposed to sunlight. Some hardwood floors can take up to a year and a half to mature to full brightness. On the other hand, other floor coverings can be vulnerable to fading or discoloration when exposed to prolonged sunlight. This is important for consumers because a freshly laid wood floor may not always look like the sample you saw in the showroom, which was allowed to reach its full colour.

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Hardwood flooring in Columbus is a generic term that can be applied to any hardwood floor. Hardwood trees (oak, maple, cherry, walnut, elm, chestnut) are trees that have leaves that fall off in the winter. Softwood trees (pine, spruce) have needles that can remain year-round and typically produce cones. There are exceptions to these generalities. In our product line, hardwoods cost more than softwoods. When pricing a floor, be sure to factor in the total installation cost and lifetime cost. Here are examples of some variables that could alter total costs:

At The End:

How much effort does the manufacturer make to offer you a 100% usable product? Poor milling with very few defects and discard performed on a solid wood flooring in Columbus that costs $6 / SF and has a 15% waste factor requires more than a similar product that is better milled at the cost of $7 / SF 2% waste factor. That extra waste costs more in shipping and labour for defective. This is the hardest thing to prove to a customer that face value costs do not necessarily represent the actual cost of raw material unless one is actually comparing specific and identical quality products.

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