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5 Tips to Increase Your Brand Exposure with Public Relations

Brands face extreme rivalry when it comes to getting exposure in the market. They need to work harder, to increase brand awareness, get at new clients, and develop lifetime esteem.

After all, in any business, and, especially in business-to-consumer (B2C) and direct-to-consumer (D2C) conditions, it costs multiple times more to secure new clients instead of holding current clients.

One advertising tool that can help holds brand awareness is Public Relations and keeping in mind that numerous entrepreneurs may trust PR and marketing is the same, which is not true.

Certain such aspects need to be addressed to resolve this issue:

1.Understand the Difference Between Marketing and PR

Public Relations and Marketing are two different concepts. However, both of these concepts are used to expand the brand’s reach, but their destination is different.

Once your marketing objective is achieved, you need to focus on expanding the business in terms of aspects apart from economic benefits.

If the brand works on its internal factors, then it’s the responsibility of the Public Relations firm to look after the reputation of the company. People don’t purchase products, they purchase brands!

2.Understand Varieties of Media

When it comes to leverage media relations for increasing brand awareness, then media can be classified into three broader aspects of paid media, owned media, and earned media.

Paid media, as the name suggests is a way where you pay someone to showcase your content. You can go with social media advertisements, influencer marketing, where you seek someone who is an expert in your niche and advertises about your concerned brand.

Owned media is a traditional mode of media, where there is no external source involved. It works on the concept of mouth campaigning.

It could be anything like a blog post on your website or any social media post. The reason behind people using owned media is, it helps in improving the overall PR strategy.

This media is a little dicey, as it affects the brand in both positive and negative ways. If your products are showcased on any third platform, this could be earned media positively. On the other hand, if you did something wrong and the media showcases it, it would become earned negatively.

3.Inbound Public Relations

We all have heard of customer-centric inbound marketing. But, what is Inbound Public Relations?

The reason behind being an inbound public relations firm is to be more media-centric. Here, the PR firms focus only on the media outlets to help their client’s brand get more exposure.

4.Measure PR Goals

PR goals can’t be achieved by just counting the number of sales. However, this method can be implemented to see whether the brand’s marketing objectives are achieved or not. The primary thing to do is to track the brand mentions.

The number of times and places the brand is talked about. It is not necessary, if a third person has talked about your brand, then he/she would share the link of your website, too.

Another way of measuring is to measure the traffic of your website. Check out the number of visitors, bounce rate, etc.

5.Hire an Effective and Efficient PR Agency

There has to be a driver of a car who would drive the car. Similarly, hiring an effective and efficient PR agency is a must that could delegate jobs to people working under their team wisely to manage all your branding and media-related activities.

While hiring a PR agency, always consider that they must also have good leadership qualities, communication skills, and a strong relationship with media and press. Their team must be creative and innovative when it comes to draft any PR campaign.

We hope these quick tips will help you leverage qualities of public relations to increase your brand exposure in the long run.

If you know how to manage your strategies properly, then you can become an ace in your niche. Also, if you are looking forward to hiring a PR agency to manage all these mentioned activities for your brand, you can always get in touch with any leading PR agency in Delhi/NCR to best suited with your branding needs.

Hi, My name is Priyanka Ahuja Public Relations, Communication, and Content Manager at MediagraphixPR.

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