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Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Tips

Owning a house garage has various benefits. You get to protect your vehicle, get some extra storage space and it can always be used as a perfect place for an indoor party. A lot of homeowners even keep a refrigerator in the garage to keep drinks for the party fun.

It is important to remember that a garage is only as good as the garage door. The more protected your garage door, the safer your belongings are. Either the garage is attached or detached from the main house building, the door must be super secure. After all, it is protecting your vehicle investment.

When there is an entryway between the garage and home, a broken garage door can lead to a burglary or home invasion. As soon as you see any issues with garage door operations, hire a reliable garage door repair company for repairs.

What else can you do to maintain your garage door? Here are some helpful tips and tricks.

Remove Dirt And Chalking

Regular cleaning of the door front is more about the aesthetic appeal of your house. The garage door makes a prominent part of your house exterior and it should not be left to the mercy of nature. Make a routine of cleaning the dirt and chalking from the door. A dirty door may suggest poor housekeeping skills and the invaders find such houses a good target for break-ins.

Assess Door Finish

Assessing the garage door finish is also important for aesthetic appeals but it goes beyond that. A door will poor finish or surface damages are prone to pest infestation. If you have not repainted or resealed your garage door in time, the nasty critters can find a way in.

Clean The Door Tracks

Any obstructions in the door track can hinder the normal movement of the door. Make a habit of track inspection and cleaning. There should be no wires, nuts, bolts, or any physical obstruction. Clean dirty and excessive oil.

Lubricate The Moving Parts

You need a lubricating material for all the moving parts of the garage door. It is never a good idea to use grease. Get a lightweight household oil and lubricate the locking hardware moving parts. Oil the track steel rollers, roller stems, torsion springs, extension springs, and lift cables. Lubricate all the hinge points for smooth operations. When you are done, wipe off the excess oil.

Tighten Loose Fasteners

Frequent opening and closing of the door loosen the fasteners. Tighten each of them to avoid any accidents or injuries. If you see any damages, hire professionals forĀ garage door repair. Inspect the weather strips for any damages.

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