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Why Online Retailers need Frivolous Custom Mailer Boxes?

Many retailers are of the view that custom mailer boxes seem like a frivolous expense that’s only viable for multinational chains. Others argue it’s the products that retailers should be investing in, rather focusing on how they look. Sadly, they don’t know that custom printed mailer boxes offer far more than what meets the eye.

Most online retailers often sing their own praises by telling potential customers that they are offering premium stuff. Unfortunately, we are well past that time when a quality product sells itself. So in today’s overcrowded market, your product range is less likely to set you apart. It’s the vision and aesthetic that lure your customers towards your product and brand. So having those frivolous custom mailer box packaging is extremely important.

Wondering why? Bespoke mailer packaging is an invaluable asset that will make your identity stand out.

Tells your Brand Story in a Compelling Way

To convey your brand story engagingly, use every resource to articulate it. Consistency in branding helps you create an image that sticks to your customers’ minds. But this doesn’t just entail color palettes and logos. For instance, we all know that the signature color of Apple is white, and its logo is a bitten apple. However, their packaging takes this concept to the next level.

These perfect packaging boxes houses Apple’s premium products that show its commitment to delivering flawless design. If your business also manages to harness the power of custom mailer boxes, you can curate a strong statement pertaining to your ethos.

Boosts Your Online Marketing Strategy Efforts

For most online businesses, social media is an integral part of the digital marketing plan. But the chances are pretty bleak that you will be able to grab your ideal customers’ attention as they quickly scroll past. This bounds you to print content with a strong visual pitch, so it can compel customers that your products deserve a second look.

A Dotcom Distribution research showed that 61 percent of the consumers buy a product by simply looking up a brand on social media. And 40 percent are very likely to share the product images with their social community if they come in branded packaging.

This phenomenon sheds light on the surprise and delight that customers experience when they receive products in exquisite packaging. But would they feel the same if this would happen every day? Of course not! Although unboxing is one of the popular online trends, there are a handful of brands that put effort into this area. So, buyers feel compelled to share their experiences because it feels unique.

This user-generated content will prove a virtual goldmine for online businesses that rely on online marketing.

Helps Elevate Customer Experience

For e-commerce merchants, bespoke wholesale mailer boxes play an instrumental role. Especially when customers have a plethora of options to choose from, this further empowers customers to buy from online stores and brands that genuinely value their customers. A Wunderman study showed that 88 percent of the buyers like to engage with brands that provide topnotch customer service. This way, if you manage to set the bar higher, you can instantly make a name for your brand.

The brands immensely value custom packaging because it improves perceived value, a widely embraced strategy by luxury brands. So, if you place your products in a tasteful packaging, you will make more fans than just customers. Meaning, your online business will see more repeat purchases because you will have a loyal customer base.

Now that you understand the significance of having bespoke mailer boxes, it’s your turn to put your knowledge into practice.

Jennifer Alex
Jennifer Alex
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