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The Importance of First Impressions online with Matthew Brannelly

According to Matthew Brannelly first impression online plays a very important role.

Ever wondered about what makes a website work?

What’s the difference between first impressions online versus in person?

What’s more important…a great office or a great website?

When marketing your professional firm, it is essential to have a very clear message which is communicated in the strongest possible fashion that will guarantee you have a VOICE in the marketplace so that your firm makes a great first impression – otherwise the potential client may move away from your website very quickly.  Your Voice in the market is what gets you heard above the noise of the crowd.

For most firms, who do not have unlimited advertising budgets to broadcast a message to anyone that will listen, you need to be clever, succinct and targeted with who it is you are trying to communicate with and explain why your service is best for them, and how you can help them.

Statistics show us the increasing trend that people make their initial enquiries about organisations with whom they wish to do business online – both through computers and increasingly through smartphones.

With this in mind, we understand will the importance of having an effective website that is accessible on various platforms  -computers and smartphones-  to ensure your ideal client receives the information they require easily and precisely which will lead them to the next stage of the selling process which is to contact your office. 

You will be surprised at the number of people who watch TV with their smartphone or IPAD in hand to make immediate inquiries about what they are watching or to be having online conversations.

It is essential your website does not confuse its messages.

In my consulting program  with clients, we spend a few hours workshopping what I call the Brand Temple   that  is designed to identify the key messages of your brand  ie what makes you the  right choice for your ideal client, which  we subsequently use to create a website design which is :

Easy to navigate and use

  • Professionally designed with aesthetically pleasing and suitable graphics, typography for the target audience
  • branded  consistently  with other advertising and marketing
  • Has no DIY graphics or content
  • Purposeful, and a clear call to action
  • Highlights why you are the right choice for them

If your website is lacking punch and clarity, you risk losing credibility

For advice on how to ramp up your website contact Orbit Strategies or Matthew Brannelly for an obligation free discussion.

Matthew Brannelly Strategic Advisor from Clayfield Brisbane Australia, is here to help you with Economics Degree and 30 years of experience in Finance sector

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