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Future holds in design: 7 effective ways to attract customers through web design

Nowadays, in this modern development, you don’t even have to leave your home to buy stuff. Online shopping is becoming the new trend, from clothes, jewelry, groceries, and other household items. Isn’t it amazing? 

The rise of online shopping is vast, and one of the prime tasks is to create an attractive web design by focusing on a good user experience. A good website design considerably impacts a user’s decision to trust your brand or not. User experience consists of two distinct yet prime concepts in this designing world, the UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface).

Yes, a very important note to keep for small business owners who tend to look for effective and cost-efficient ways that please their customers as they build their website with the help of wordpress development services

If you are wondering how to lure customers more at a low cost, you should make improvisation in your design. Let’s see how. 

Proven ways that help you to attract customers through website design 

Use effective call-to-action buttons

Call to action should stand out in a clear way that it entices user interaction. You need to strategically place a call to action button to boost your click-through rates. Ultimately it leads to an increase in conversion. When you place a call properly on your homepage, it helps navigate the site and create a great web design. 

You can easily do this by using the A/B testing method and making certain adjustments about the position based on the data it provides. Even little change can make a huge impact on your conversion rates. It can be anything, product purchase, or filling out contact forms. It’s worth investing your precious time in figuring out the best position to place your bottom for these important links. 

Spruce up your logo

You need to stay fresh and updated with trends. Do that by changing your logo design as you don’t want to look like an outdated brand that is not able to keep up with present times. Don’t hinder the uniqueness of its identity. If your logo is complicated, then it’s good to make it minimal and more simple. A simple logo allows you to use it in many ways without worrying about smaller versions of your logo in different places. 

Include appealing and reliable testimonials

Do you think anything better can impact customers than your happy customer reviews? 

More than 50% of people trust online reviews similar to they would trust their close ones. It shows determination towards your product to purchase. And that is the main reason you must include testimonials on your business website. 

When you are creating eye-catching and trustworthy testimonials, pay attention to the way you feature them. 

Simple design sells

One of the crucial parts of having a great web design is to make sure your homepage is crisp clean. It doesn’t allow your visitors to get confused or feel like your company is out of trend. 

Opt for custom wordpress development services and leave a positive impression on your visitors with an interesting layout. When you design your homepage, align your content properly with simple typography. It will help users avoid distractions and focus on important points. The ones that allow your way to sales! 

Stay on point 

When anyone visits your site, the first impression would be at the top 1/3rd of your page, and the area must contain the most basic information regarding your site. The visitors are easily able to find what they came for with a smart layout. 

It allows users to search for information easily by making the site more user-friendly. Avoid contents that are too long or complicated. Everyone wants the information in a quick and simple way. The unnecessary long instruction will not please anyone. 

Responsive design attracts users 

Mobile users are increasing daily, and it’s not smart to think that your customers will only visit your site through a computer. A single person can surf through the web with several devices, and it’s wise to predict that your site may be visited by mobile or tablet. 

For several websites, it’s hard to load the site when the user shifts to mobile devices because the layout is completely made to see through a computer browser. Make changes to your site with wordpress development service as it makes sure easy accessibility for your customers. Also, they will willingly enter your site even if they change devices. 

Follow the F-Shaped Pattern

A common pattern is observed from the majority of visitors that they have a pretty similar way of analyzing your website development. Users don’t want to read the entire content your website offers and read every single word you write. Instead, they will speed up content consumption and usually read in an F-shaped pattern. 

It means they consume the information from your website like:

  • Start reading from the top left to top right corner
  • Move to the central part of the page (middle line of letter F)
  • And lastly, scroll down to the page bottom

You can make sure that they pay attention to all the crucial elements of your site’s page. So design in a way that allows you to position your important points in an F pattern that seems visually appealing to visitors. In that way, they will get impressed from the beginning and keep reading further on and navigate through your website. 

Summing up

When you cater to these few simple tips while designing your website, you are capable of driving great business results. Keep your visitors engaged with your site through relevant calls to action. Web design and development services offer you the perfect design if you find it too intimidating to implement these tips. All you need is creative thought and a knack for perfection, and you will transform your site into a customer-centered place.

Bella Cory is a custom passionate blogger. She is well known for her professional writing blogs. She loves travelling and exploring new places.

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