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David Antico Explains The Benefits of Working in The Hospitality Industry

Firstly, who is David Antico, he is a senior executive and businessperson with a breadth of deals and management. Experience across both the hospitality and produce industries domestically. Today he will talk about the benefits of working in the hospitality industry.                                                                                                          

If you are confused about whether you should enter the hospitality sector or not, you are at the right place. Allow us to give you some benefits of working in the hospitality sector. 

Working With Some Great People

The hospitality industry is a people-facing industry, and the majority of the professional workers that work there are friendly. They are some of the most professional and talented people one could hope to work with. 

Skills Improvement 

When you work with some of the best professional workers. You just don’t acquire knowledge, your skills whether they are speaking skills or working skills they improve too. These skills will help you globally with where ever you go David Antico says.

Variety of Day To Day Work 

Who likes to eat one meal every day? Or doing the same work day in day out for so the hospitality sector is the best for you. David Antico concludes there are lots and lots of varieties of day-to-day work, so no two days can be the same in there. You cannot be bored if you work in the hospitality sector. 

Social Interactions 

This is for the people that love to interact with new people. You will not just work with new people you will have a chance to meet a diverse range of people with different backgrounds. There are not many jobs that offer you this, but in the hospitality sector, you will be able to meet a diverse range of people.

Staff Perks 

Working in the hospitality sector comes with not just the salary they come with including perks. Some hotels provide free employee meals, uniforms, while others provide a significant discount on hotels. Some also get discounts on partner companies such as airlines and car rental firms. If you love to travel this is another benefit of working in the hospitality sector. 

Brilliant Career Prospects 

Strong job growth and the high employment rate have made the hospitality industry one of the most grown industries. The nature of the industry is has made it one of the most employed industries. Opportunities for promotion also arise with this. 

We think that the hospitality sector is one of the best industries out there where you can work in. You can get many perks with this from hotels to international resorts, there are many different roles. This job brings excitement to the life and you can gain many experiences throughout the years. David Antico says this Is not the regular 9-5 job you work this is the most exciting as well as very exhausting job industry you can get into so if you are planning to get into this industry be well prepared to work and enjoy at the same time 

David Antico a Senior Executive and entrepreneur with a breadth of sales and management experience across both the hospitality and produce industries domestically and internationally. Previous management and/or ownership of 5 separate hotels and currently director/licensee of The Foxtrot Inn at Crows Nest (a boutique cocktail bar). More than 20 years working in a sales environment (both in the retail and international wholesale spaces) has further developed skills in import/export sales, team management, strategic planning, key account management and commercial business development.

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