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5 Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes You Should Avoid

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? Remodeling your kitchen is exciting, but this project is absolutely no small task. As pleasant as it may be, it’s also easy to make common mistakes that will end up ruining your dream of a fantastic kitchen.

A kitchen remodeling can become simple if you avoid these kitchen remodeling mistakes. Because some of these mistakes will cost you time, some will cost you money, and some will be completely terrifying.

1. Poor Planning


There’s nothing worse than not having enough space; to freely move around in your kitchen. It does not matter that if your kitchen is big or small, the proper passage should be a preference in your layout plan.

Such a kitchen design mistake can create a kitchen feel restricted, and it will limit the number of users at the same time. If you want sufficient circulation, ask a professional remodeling company to add 4 feet of space between countertops. 

Work Triangle

The kitchen work triangle is crucial for a good workflow. You must follow the kitchen triangle that decides; where to place the cooktop, sink, and refrigerator for proper flow. By placing these three elements closer, the imaginary lines separate them and make the kitchen efficient to use.

Lack of Space

If you have a small kitchen, think about how to utilize less space during a kitchen remodeling. If you don’t want to expand your kitchen by knocking down walls, use vertical spacing. Never make the mistake of pressing in an island in the center of your kitchen because they take a lot of room.  

 Your main purpose should be to ensure that the kitchen remodeling will complete on time and within your budget. Rushing into such a project can ultimately lead to additional expenses and pauses in the result. The big mistake you can make during remodeling the kitchen is changing your mind after the project has started. That’s why proper planning is necessary. 

2. Inadequate Lighting 

Lighting has an enormous influence on the kitchen. You can create the ideal kitchen, but if it doesn’t have enough lighting, you won’t be able to do tasks comfortably. Adequate lighting in the kitchen should be a preference. Decoration lights that work as task lighting above the island are a beautiful addition to your kitchen. Under-cabinet lighting can also be used for extra visibility. Adequate lighting will make your smaller kitchen look spacious. 

3. Lowering Expenses on Cabinets

You may avoid quality cabinets due to their prices, but it’s worth the investment. Kitchen cabinets with lower cost can fit into your budget, but you’ll possibly end up replacing them sooner, which will cost you extra in the long run. The amount of storage will also be affected due to installing lower-quality cabinets. 

Despite the type of woodwork that you desire to include in the remodeling project, having customized cabinets sets your home apart from the others. If you want custom woodworking, hire skilled professionals to make cabinets with their craftsmanship instead of DIY them. 

4. Buying Wrong Size Appliances

One of the most common mistakes in kitchen remodeling is buying the wrong size appliances and cabinets, such as oversized or undersized refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, or cabinets. 

To avoid such mistakes, measure the dimensions of your kitchen accurately and select appliances accordingly. Also, consider the space in mind when these appliances will be in use, such as when refrigerator and cabinet doors are fully open.

5. Lack of Storage

Storage is crucial in a kitchen. You surely would not like your pots and pans hanging everywhere, or jars of spices spread all over the kitchen. Don’t forget the proper storage facilities while remodeling your kitchen. Add drawers or cabinets, such details can be small extensions but are most efficient.

Keep in mind that your kitchen remodeling is going to be for a long time. So, consider these mistakes in your mind and avoid them.

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