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5 Most Common Kitchen Remodel Myths

The kitchen is the heart of the house, pumping out family, friends, and food day in and day out. Suggest a major or minor kitchen remodel. It can go a long way towards contributing to the project’s overall success by approaching it with the right aspirations and mindset. 

Moving on, when it comes to remodeling a kitchen, here are 5 of the most popular myths:

Bigger is Better

It’s not always financially or structurally viable to eliminate walls or raise square footage when it comes to your kitchen size. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your kitchen better just because it can’t get bigger. Usually, it’s the functionality and flow of a kitchen that causes homeowners the most problems. Issues like: two people can’t work comfortably, or there’s not enough counter space for food preparation and chopping.

On the other hand, with the right planning, you can build an incredibly practical work triangle (the distance between your sink, stove, and fridge) within a smaller kitchen footprint, along with grouping your kitchen into multiple productive zones that you can use for specific tasks such as prepping, cooking, and clean-up.

Trend Towards Trendy

Although we all love to learn about the latest home design trends, several features have stood the test of time in kitchen design, such as clean lines, white cabinets, and colors found in natural materials such as granite, marble, and tile. It doesn’t mean you have to plan your kitchen around that just because electric blue is the color of the hour.

Also, if you need to sell your house, consider Modern Luxury Kitchen Remodeling. Know what is best for you and your family for the long-term or what buyers may appreciate in the future. Is the kitchen style in line with the house’s overall flavor? Does sufficient storage exist? In an effective flow, is the job triangle correct? Over time, can the products you select stand up to heavy-duty use?

DIY Design is Fine

Yeah, thousands of online tools are available to guide your design, but never underestimate the importance of an experienced designer to assist you through the process of Upscale Kitchen Remodel. The choice of materials and finishes alone is increasingly becoming overwhelming, and everyone’s home and family are special.

Also, a good designer will give you a Luxury Kitchen Remodeling in a way that you might never have thought of before to prepare for your kitchen. Do you use your right/left hand? In your kitchen, have you thought about what kind of lighting you need? Does your kitchen have good ventilation, so you can’t smell your dinner last night long into the next day?

We Can Figure It Out as We Go

A sure-fire plan for failure is the failure to plan! What’s your primary purpose for remodeling your kitchen? What do you like about the kitchen that you now have? What do you hate in the kitchen that you now have? How long will you stay here? What sort of investment in this project do you want to make? 

Throughout the kitchen remodeling process, having these priorities front and center will ensure that you make the right choices and are satisfied with the results. On the other hand, choosing materials takes time. You can’t walk into the shop, pick up your perfect countertop, and send it the day after. You should get the materials weeks before time.  

So, think of all the elements in your kitchen that you want and prepare for them! For best results, hire a professional designer to guide you about the new luxury Kitchen Remodeling Designs.

Contractors Can Start Immediately

On television, it looks quick and simple. But remember, all those home remodeling shows are for entertainment only. TV shows leave out all the boring bits of the remodeling process – the analysis, the contractor’s reviews, the forecasts, the material selection, and the permits. Months of preparation and hard work are shown in a 30- or 60-minute broadcast.

Similarly, real-life contractors need to juggle multiple projects to maintain their company, multiple employee and subcontractor schedules, and daily life realities and interruptions; they also like to sleep at night.


In the end, a kitchen remodel is one of the most satisfying and exciting projects a homeowner can embark on. You should enjoy the entire journey and should not fall prey to some of these common remodeling myths. So, hire a contractor and start today!

I am a writer and having 1-year of experience in this field.

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