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5 Reasons to Choose Acrylic Awards for Your Sports Team

Being part of a sports team is a fun and rewarding bonding experience. That’s true whether your team is professional, semi-professional, or simply a group of friends or coworkers who like to stay active in a fun way. When you want to motivate your team or recognize their accomplishments after a long season, you can’t go wrong with trophies or awards. The best choices for stylish team awards are acrylic, glass, and crystal awards. However, acrylic awards are the perfect choice for these five reasons.

Acrylic Awards are a Morale Boost, Reminder, and Even More

Providing your team with custom plaques or awards can offer several important benefits. After the season or an important tournament, you can give everyone on the team custom acrylic awards as a celebration of their hard work. They also promote bonding and serve as a practical motivation for team members to strive toward their shared goals next season or in the next tournament. They are also the perfect way to remind everyone how invaluable their contribution was to a successful season.

Acrylic Awards are Incredibly Versatile

When choosing which material you want your awards to be made out of, acrylic is the most versatile. It can be molded into virtually any shape imaginable. That means you can let your imagination run wild when designing acrylic awards for your team. Want to design the awards based on your team’s name or mascot? Acrylic materials make that possible. You can even design the awards to look like a building or logo associated with your team. This versatility also allows you to use a wide variety of colors, textures, and even incorporate other materials, like metal.

Acrylic Awards are an Affordable Option for the Whole Team

Acrylic is often more affordable than its glass or crystal counterparts. That makes them the ideal option for your team when you might be working with a limited budget. This affordability also allows you to recognize the contributions of everyone on the team, including managers and support staff. That’s why acrylic awards are a more inclusive option.

Acrylic Awards are Scratch- and Chip-Resistant to Look Good Longer

The right custom plaques and awards made from glass, crystal, and acrylic will all look great. However, awards are the most scratch-resistant and chip-resistant of those choices. That durability has plenty of benefits, especially since no one wants to receive a scratched or chipped plaque, award, or trophy. Their ability to avoid chips and scratches also means these awards can look better for longer when they’re on display. When you know your team’s awards are likely to last longer, they are that much more appealing.

Acrylic Means Lightweight and Impact-Resistant

Another benefit of awards made of acrylic is their lightweight toughness. Being lightweight makes them easy to move and display. Plus, their impact resistance will prove invaluable if they are ever dropped or fall from their display location. Reward your team with affordable and incredibly versatile awards that are durable enough to remind everyone of the excellent season for years to come.

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