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Get your car ready for the street runway – Auto Shield Collision

Auto Shield is a collision repair service provider, recognized as the best auto body repair shop and auto paint shop in Santa Clara. We are healing beloved automobiles for 9+ years now. Auto Shield is a car and customer-considerate organization to provide the ranking quality of collision repair services at unbeatable prices. We comprehend the merit of your sweat-dripping toil and keep possible services free like free VIP car washes, towing, and inspections. We use 21-point inspections to thoroughly assess your car status to then develop and repair them to their full potential, increasing their life-spans so that your sweetheart stays with you longer. 

We are serving you with the best collision repair services from towing, inspections, auto body shop, and auto paint shop in Santa Clara.

Offerings and Services – Brief

Auto Shield is an extraordinary auto body shop in Santa Clara, taking care of minimal to complex car conditions at one shop. Our trained professionals work their sweat for up to par collision repairs in Santa Clara.

Check out the offerings of the best auto body shop – Santa Clara.

  1. Auto Body Shop Santa Clara

We rigorously inspect your vehicle for damage and damage controls and bring back your baby to life again! Auto Shield’s 21-point inspection program is built by professionals to detect even the slightest scope of impairment. Once we assess the condition of your vehicle, we quickly put our skilled artisans to work and get your vehicle moving! Pun Intended.

2. Collision Repair Santa Clara

Once we assess what to do, we start the mechanism to execute it. Our process involves the following.

2.1. Alignment and Suspension to craft your car back in its original condition.

2.2 We remodel your car with the best bodywork using quality materials. We are fully prepared with essential tools to recreate your vehicle per your desired materials, which are deliverable to us in a maximum of 2 days from the requirement. (If not available).

3. Auto Paint Shop Santa Clara

Auto Shield has expert solution software to match your vehicle’s original color. Applied paints are reliable, long-lasting, and polish-proofed to let your car shine on the street-runway. Our professionals use high-level tech to dress your vehicle per your outfit desires!

4. Economical Prices

We do not believe in adding unnecessary dollars to our customers’ bills and exhausting their hard-earned pay. We keep our costs and cuts reasonable to provide mental and financial comfort to our respected customers. Tell us your vehicle’s symptoms and conditions and get the best help at an affordable budget. Get your quick estimated quote here.

5. FREE VIP Car Wash

Bonus! We provide free pampering car washes for insured repairs.

6. FREE 24*7 Local Towing

Anytime towing services offered locally. We are here for your vehicle’s health and safety.
Your task remains to walk-in with desired requirements/expectations and walk-out with satisfactory results!


We are proud to add that we are well-recognized as the best auto repair body shop in Sunnyvale. Our happy customers have rated us with 4.3. They have shared their lovely experiences with Auto Shield in many of their reviews. Not to mention that we have taken care of more compound vehicles including, Audi and Mercedes. Due to which, we can confidently say that Auto Shield is the best auto body shop of Santa Clara

Get in touch with Auto Shield Collision – Best Auto Body Shop – Santa Clara

If you are looking to get the best collision repairs in Santa Clara, Auto Shield is an appointment away. Get your vehicle serviced by the best auto paint shop and most referred auto body repair shop in Santa Clara.  Fill this quick form for us and get your estimated cost upon successful form submission. Our experts will give you a ring with updates for in-person appointments. 

We can’t wait to take your vehicle in our healing shelter and grant it back to you in its pure health! 

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