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6 Factors to be Consider When You Looking for Candle Boxes

Selecting the best packaging for your products is probably the essential fundamental if you are targeting to make your product successful when it hits the retail shelves. This will resultantly determine how your company is going to make progress in the long run. With this great importance of packaging, choosing the right candle wholesale boxes for the products can turn out to be a tough job for the manufacturers. There are multiple factors that should be given weight while selecting the perfect candle packages. The six most important ones are discussed in the guide below. Have a look at all of them to ensure the right selection of candle packages.

Consider the Quality:

Be sure to check the quality of the custom candle boxes before buying them. They should be high in quality and durable enough to last for longer times. When being shipped, these packages have to go through various phases. During these phases, only the quality boxes are beneficial as they resist environmental as well as physical damages. For instance, air might get inside, or there may be a build-up of moisture to affect the originality of the product inside. You do not want these factors to damage your items as they will incur heavy losses in terms of money and the reputation of your brand. Therefore, make a wise decision of choosing quality over quantity. The custom candle packages made from cardboard can be considered the perfect choice for your item as they have the potential to withstand extreme pressures.

Keep an Eye on your Budget:

While buying the candle packages for your products, remember to keep your budget as minimal as possible. The lower your budget is, the more you will save cost on their buying process. Consequently, you will be able to offer the products at relatively lower prices than your competitors. This way, more and more customers will be tempted to buy your items at a lower cost than the market rate. Resultantly, this tactic will increase your customer base and boost your sales thus, allowing you to gain higher profit margins. If you have more products to pack and your budget is too tight, try stretching it a little bit to buy at a wholesale rate or in bulk. The wholesale candle boxes will save you more money as they reduce the cost per unit.

Convenience and Easy Handling:

It is vital to ensure that you are buying custom candle boxes that offer convenience while handling. For this, you need to check the weight of these boxes first. If they are light in weight, they will be easier to handle and carry from one point to the other, and the customers will not feel heavy. Imagine packaging your item in a box that is too heavy. Not only will this box create problems for you in storage and transportation processes, but the customers would also be not satisfied with your services. When the customers find that your packaging is not functional, i.e., it does not offer ease in opening or closing, they will instantly switch their brands. So, make sure the custom candle packages you are purchasing are lighter in weight and are flexible enough to pack multiple products in one go.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Modern-day customers are impressed largely by the unique designs and shapes of the custom candle packages. So, keep it in your mind while buying them. Select the packages made from the material that supports printing because you can print the designs of your choices and according to the demands of the customers on them. Also, do not ignore the shape of your box as it plays a vital role in enticing the customers in the very first impression. Selecting the boxes having unconventional and unique shapes such as triangular, pyramidal, or hexagonal can prove useful in this regard. Also, you should go for the die-cut window packages that offer a sneak peek into the items; thus, allowing the clients to look at the product first before making the purchasing decision.


You will be sabotaging the success of your business if you are not opting for eco-friendly custom candle packages. The customers look for safer options that prove beneficial for the environment when it comes to the buying of a certain item. They do not like to contribute to harming the environment through their practices. The rise of environmental concerns has shifted their purchasing habits towards eco-friendly options. Make sure to choose the custom candle packaging that is made from custom printed cardboard box material as it is highly recyclable and reusable. It will decompose easily when you throw it on the landfills thus, reducing the overall waste in the environment. By recycling it, you can also avoid the need to manufacture a new box for your item.

Know Precisely What You Want:

It is important to precisely determine what you expect from a packaging. What specific size of a box do you want? You also need to evaluate the designs and color themes you want to add to your packaging. Moreover, determine in which shapes you want to design your box. You may also want some other customization options. By knowing exactly what you want, you will be able to find the best supplier who can fulfill all your desired needs.


Concluding to the point that there are six most important factors which should be considered first before selecting the appropriate candle wholesale boxes for your products. You need to check their quality as well as functionality if you want to impress the customers. Besides, keep an eye on your company’s budget as well.

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