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5 Tips to Select the Best Car Towing Service

Let’s be honest, we have all faced the dreaded car breakdowns, flat tires, and roadside misfortunes at the wrong time. And even in the future, no one wants to get late for an important meeting or exam or their wedding simply because their car breaks in the middle of nowhere. 

It is never too late to save the emergency contact of a good car towing service because, in the event of a car breakdown emergency, only a tow service will come to your rescue. 

When you contact a towing company, they send a towing car that gets attached to your vehicle and make sure that your vehicle reaches the service center where it will be repaired. Since you are entrusting the responsibility of your precious car to someone then you need to make sure that it suffers no damage. 

Hence you need to find a reliable tow service which doesn’t end up exploiting you for money and provides affordable towing service cost and charges. Below are a few tips that will help you find the right service.

What are the tips to find the best car towing near me?

When finding a tow service for your car, analyze the company’s reputation through the following perspectives:

  • Customer Help and Service

You do not want to deal with a rude customer representative right in the middle of the road when your car breaks down. So the best way to gauge a company’s reliability is by getting in touch with their customer help. If their behavior is rude, negative, and unhelpful, try contacting another service instead who are willing to help during emergency situations. 

  • Check the types of services offered by the company

There are certain car towing companies that only provide one type of service while there are others that offer many things in a single package such as interstate service or road assistance or car repairs etc. You must find out whether the company you have chosen provides all kinds of services or not.  

  • The cost and charges of roadside assistance plus towing

Yes, it is indeed true that there are separate charges for every service that you use from the company however no one wants to pay any hidden fee. It is imperative that you ask the towing service how much they would charge for every service that you want. A good idea is to ask for their charges for each mile, the hook-up charges, and the roadside assistance.  

The hook-up charges are for connecting your car with the sent towing truck while the cost per mile will be charged for the total miles that your car will travel with the towing truck to its destination. In addition to these charges, many services also have extra fees on holidays, off-road service, off-hours roadside assistance etc. You must check with the company on every service they will charge you for. 

  • Assess the reliability and quality of the company’s tow trucks 

Road accidents and mishaps do not come announced. You can get a flat tire anywhere at any time of the day and night. Under such stressful situations, you need a company who will provide your assistance and the necessary help 24-7. 

If you contact a towing company that only works a few hours of the day without catering to any emergency situations then they would be of no help to you. In fact, such companies should not be trusted. After all towing service is for emergency situations.  Make sure the company you hire is available all round the clock for help. 

  • Always assess the company’s repute in the market

Prior to hiring any service, get reliable referrals from friends, colleagues, and family. Get in touch with people who have used good quality and reliable towing service before. And then make a decision.  

You can even use Google search to find good services around you however, it is wise to read customer reviews and ratings for any company that you come across. Check their website for testimonials and take a look at their Facebook page for reviews. Also, see whether the company responds to negative comments or not. 

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