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Experience Choosing the Most Beautiful Wall Tiles 2021

Using wall tiles not only brings high aesthetics, effectively protects the house, but also does not worry about peeling like wall paint. Therefore, for perfect work, this type of tiles is indispensable. Currently, on the market, there are many types of tiles to use for a variety of spaces such as living room tiles.

How to choose this type of tiles, the wall tiles trend of 2021 will not be known by everyone.

Tips for choosing wall tiles

Choosing the tiles for your living space needs based on the room size, on the furniture and in addition to pay attention to fit the veneer based on the room interior:

We should use patterns of light-colored wall tiles and floor tiles for low-light rooms to balance colors and create a sense of space. Choosing patterned ceramic tiles as simple as possible will help the viewer not be confused

In terms of colors, you should choose pale colors such as light yellow, light blue, cream colors to bring a sense of peace or you can use wood vines in the garden. However, not all spaces can use the same color. Depending on the space and functions used, you can choose the most suitable color. After choosing the tiles for your space, the construction process is complete we can break the way to make a difference instead of square tiles or tiles.

How to choose the right wall tiles for each space

For the living room space: the living room is the soul of the whole house, as well as the common living area of ​​the whole family, the living room space requires elegance and modernity while having warmth in the place. As for color, it is possible to use contrasting colors or different shades between tiles, but there must be harmony with each other and highlight the interior in the space. Make the room more emphasized and have a further dimension than you can use to decorate with tiles.

For the kitchen space: a kitchen is a place where families come together to cook delicious food, which is a room that requires comfort. Therefore, you should choose tiles and pavers with dark colors such as golden brown, earth brown to create a more cozy and delicious feeling. Woodgrain tiles will also be a great option for your kitchen space.

For the bathroom space: this is an area that is frequently in contact with water, so choose a tile that is shiny, waterproof, easy to clean, and aesthetically pleasing. The tiles size commonly used for this space is 30 x 60. The bathroom is also a place to relax after a stressful work schedule. Therefore, it is advisable to choose tiles with bright colors like white, yellow, and blue along with soft pattern details to make the space airier and bring romance. However, it is necessary to choose bathroom tiles with high roughness so as not to cause slipping.

Beautiful wall tile patterns will become a trend in 2021

Imitation stone tiles are a type of cladding that creates a luxurious and elegant beauty thanks to the powerful movement of iridescent color and the grainy effects in the pattern of the tiles that create an impression. Therefore, They are often used to make high-end living room wall tiles. This tiles pattern is one of the tiles patterns that is predicted to become a trend in 2021.

Natural Colored tiles: With a natural floral pattern, this tile pattern helps reduce frustration in a modern space, the tile pattern combines a bit of greenery and flowers to create a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere in your space. Therefore, this patchwork pattern will also become a trend and popular with many people.

3D Geometric Wall Tile Pattern: This tile pattern has a unique embossed geometric structure that creates an eye-catching 3D effect, making your space not only beautiful but also modern and luxurious. 3D geometric tiles is one of the tiles models chosen by many customers in 2020 and is expected to continue to be a prominent trend in 2021.

Glazed Ceramic Wall Tiles: Glazed Ceramic Wall  tiles design with stylish and modern colors always lives up to the trend with UV resistance and high colorfastness. In addition, the tiles also have low water absorption, anti-moss, easy cleaning, and high resistance to abrasion. Thus, prime coatings will become a trend in 2021 and always a reliable option for your home.

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