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Bathroom Decor Ideas for a Heavenly Spacious Feel

The most important area of your house is your bathroom. No matter how beautiful your house looks, if your bathroom isn’t looking top-notch, then you’ll definitely lose the game. The bathroom is the place that witnesses the real you, a place where you get the most privacy, a place where you stand in front of the mirror and daydream, or a place where you sing the tunes of your heart under the shower. Such a place deserves to look its best and resemble your real shades.

Often, people do not feel confident about their bathrooms simply because it looks congested. Popular belief says that the more spacious the washroom is, the better you will be able to relax while bathing. However, colour code specialists burst this myth. It is not necessary for a bathroom to actually be spacious in order to look and feel spacious. Well, Delicate Painting is a group of highly professional painters in Perth who know how to transform your house into your dream paradise. Read on to know how you can make your bathroom look and feel bigger.

Tip 1: Warm and Soft shades

The key to making any area look spacious is to add light shades so that light reflects back. And when you are talking about bathrooms, you just can’t miss adding a shade or two of soft gray, warm beige, or any other hue from the soft shade palette. The secret of making your bathroom look spacious and posh is to make use of rich, sumptuous tiles, along with soft shades. Well, while it is important to select the right shades for your bathroom, it is more important to contact the right house painters in Perth. Why worry when you have Delicate Painting by your side! Delicate Painting stands as an expert in the art of transforming homes into paradise!

Tip 2: Curtains Matter

Well, not many people get to decide where their shower curtains go. If you are the lucky one, ensure that the shower curtains go approximately close to the ceiling. This gives the feeling of elongated walls. Well, what better can you do to your bathroom other than giving it a uniquely spacious look?

Tip 3: High Gloss Paints Are A Super Hit

Colour enthusiasts know the importance of light to make colours shine bright. Thus, many people go for high-gloss shades in the bathrooms that reflect backlight and create a magnificently warm, comfy, airy, and spacious feel for your bathroom. So, even if you have a tiny bathroom space, the most talented painters in Perth are waiting to make it look comfortable and spacious. Contact Delicate Painting today, get high-gloss paints applied on your bathroom walls, and let the walls of your bathroom do the magic themselves!

Tip 4: Dark Shades Never Go Out Of Style

Well, this might seem quite insane at first, but home decor experts suggest painting your bathrooms in dark shades to give it a grand, classy, and spacious look. Dark shades create a depth, which gives an illusion of a larger space. Remember, the dark colour you are opting must be high-gloss! Here, you need to know that the dark shades will create a twilight effect, which makes it really important for you to install beautiful light fixtures in the bathroom. The dark shades will automatically help your fixtures draw immediate attention, so they need to emit a large amount of light, along with offering visual beauty. Aren’t you in touch with the best house painters in Perth? Well, no worries, as Delicate Painting is a huge group of the best painters in Perth, eager to transform your bathroom space.

Tip 5: Bring The Mirrors In Limelight With The Help Of Backlights

It’s time to add a minimalistic look to your bathrooms! Try adding a backlight behind your bathroom mirror to give it a modern touch. Backlights work best to not only highlight the mirror but also grab attention for the wall or tiles behind. This never fails to give a spacious image to the bathroom.

Whether you have a large bathroom or a tiny one, playing with paints to make it look desirable, comfy, and spacious is never a bad idea. And when you have the best colour players, you do not need to worry about the results. Delicate Painting is a hub of outstanding painters in Perth who aim at creating a heavenly look for every space of your house!

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