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Article Writing Format in English in 2021

Article Writing Format in English in 2021

Article Writing Format in English in 2021
Article Writing Format in English in 2021

Have you created a new blog or you want to create a blog, then you should read this post because in this I have written how to write a good article and how to create an Article Writing Format? Let’s read about Article Writing Format in English in 2021. Read this article till the end.

Many people start writing articles by creating a blog, but they do not know what is the way of writing an article because they have never read about it.

While writing a good article, what should be kept in mind, read and if you have not started your blog yet, then start by reading this article “How to start blogging”.

What is Article Writing

The article is the only thing by which a blog is maintained, if there is no article, then we cannot call that website a blog, we will call it a website, but due to the presence of an article, a website also becomes a blog.

What you are reading now is an article, it has been written on my blog “tutorialsfact”, similarly you will also write articles on your blog but you will write on some other topic.

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Friend, write an article on any topic, all are called articles, that means whatever information we write on our website, we call it article Okk…

Now let’s talk that you should write on any topic, it should have an Article Writing Format, only then your article will look systematic.

To write a good article, you have to pay attention to many things, then somewhere a good article is made, if we write all the articles, then there is something missing in it because we have to write for the user as well as understand Google. should come in

There are 2 people reading a blogger’s article, it is very important to make both a user and the other Google happy with their article or post.

Why should I write a good article?

You must be thinking that this is also a question but yes the simple answer is to rank in the top but how does an article rank in the top?

If any person searches for something in Google, then Google provides that information to him.

Now the user needs correct information and Google wants to give correct information to the user, if Google does not have any good article then Google will not be able to give correct information to that user.

If Google has an article with the best information, then it will show the same article to the user first and show that article at the top or in the top 10.

Now you understand that whatever article contains the best information, google shows it on the first page, it has become a matter of Google that Google has liked the article.

Now if Google has ranked an article in the top and the user did not like that article and it gets back in no time, other users also do this, again and again, then Google understands that I am the article. I like

But if the user does not like it, then Google sends that article down from the top page and tries another article instead.

When an article is liked by the user, then Google also likes it and always keeps that article at the top.

This is the reason that your article should be liked by both Google and the user.

How to become a successful blogger?
how to write a good article on the website
If you are making a website, then you will have to write an article on the website because, without the article, blogging cannot happen.

That’s why it is very important to keep writing articles, it is very important to know how to write articles.

To write a good article, pay attention to some things that how to write a good article.

Write title and headline

The identity of an article is known only by its headline because the headline itself tells what is written inside the article or about whom it is written like in the headline of this article of mine it is written that “Website me article kya Hota hai | What is an article or post?

By reading the headline of this article, it is known that it has been told about the article as well as information about the post has also been given.

That’s why you also have to write such a headline in your article that whoever reads it must open it once and only after reading it, it will be understood that on which topic I am going to get information.

Write correct information

Friends, by the content here, it means that on whatever topic you want to write, give information about the same topic in your entire article, not so that you start telling about other things while writing.

Write related to the headline you have written so that the reader will never get bored because the information he wants will want to get complete information related to it.

Therefore, try to explain in detail as much as possible, because the better you write the content, the better someone who reads it will understand and he will also like your content.

That is why it is said that “Content is King” content is everything, if it is not right, it will not benefit anyone, then no one will benefit from it and if you do not like it, then leave it after reading a little, so focus on giving the right information. |

Take the visual approach

Use good visual things like images and videos and graphics in your article because one image is equal to thousands of words and one video is equal to thousands of images.

If you use good images according to your article, then the reader will like it and he will like your article.

Someone can get wrong information due to your wrong writing, so write thoughtfully.

Do research: Article Writing Format in English in 2021

Before writing an article, do research on it and also see how other people write and make your article accordingly, collect as much information about that topic from the Internet as possible.

By doing research, you will get to know the subject well and you will be able to give the best information in your article.

Share experience: Article Writing Format in English in 2021

Share your experience on any topic on which you are writing, so that the reader knows that original information has been given in it.

Because the experience is always in easy language and it is understandable to the user.

Write from zero:

When you write an article, then at the time of article writing, you do not know who will be the person reading your article, it can be a small child as well as a big person.

You can be a student as well as a teacher, so write your article in such a way that people of all ages can read and understand it, because if someone does not understand what you have written, then no one will read it.

Write in short paragraphs

The article should always be written in small parts, which we call paragraphs, this makes it very easy to read that article.

Short Paragraph Article is liked by all because it does not cause irritation while reading.

Read after writing

After reading after writing, you can find the mistakes in the article and improve it, sometimes there is some grammar mistake on writing fast, which should be corrected.

After reading, you also understand how you have written your article, after writing, we call it Proof Reading in the language of blogging.

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write in a format
Write an article, then write it in a format so that the person reading can see the steps in your article and understand what will be written next.

Therefore, make an Article Writing Format and write by following the same, you will find it easy to write and the article will also be visible in detail.

What is Article Writing Format?

The article writing format has the structure of the entire article, this format tells that the article progresses like a process and ends.

Although Format of Article Writing has 3 parts in which article is written but I also add some sub-parts.

Which come in these three formats only.

Intro of Article
The main content in Article
Conclusion of Article
Summary of Article
Starting Part of Article
First of all, tell about the topic which you want to write in the article and try to make the reader’s interest.

So that he wants to read more by reading the first 4 – 5 lines, if the intro is not written properly in your article, then the reader will be back from your blog in the beginning, so try to make the best intro.

In the intro, never increase your name, salutation, etc., directly talk about the topic so that the reader does not get bored and gets interested to read.

Main Content in Article

After writing the intro, come to your main content, when you do article writing, then different types of feelings will be created in your mind.

Write only what is needed in the main content, do not write anything that is out of your topic to increase the useless line.

The main content should be so good that the reader should always link the second article in his main content so that the reader can get all kinds of information, then you can also give a link to any other blog.

Ending of Article
In this, you should write the essence of your entire article that what is the main meaning of your article, what topic is the whole article about, and what result it gives.

The conclusion only tells that what is the most important thing in the whole article and what should be focused on the most, this fulfills the purpose of the article.

Short Form of Article

Mostly there is no difference between Conclusion and Summary but the purpose of both is different.

In Conclusion, we tell the essence of the article and focus on one thing, but the Summary is different, it has more than one point.

In Summary, it is written by noting the main points of the article, 5000 word article can be explained in 50 to 100 words through summary. Now we are also ending our article.

Friends, in this post, you have taught me how to write a good article and what should be the article writing format to write a good article, so that the process of article writing is understood.

A good article is that which is useful to the reader, the reader likes it, otherwise, no matter how well you write, if the readers do not like it, then there is something missing in your article.

Never write without research, a well-written article always starts ranking at the top in Google, so SEO Friendly articles should be written according to Google.

How did you like this post related to Article Writing, please tell me in the comments section and stay connected to this blog to learn to blog.

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