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7 Air Conditioning Installation Tips Every Homeowner must Know

Air conditioning is still in demand regardless of an expected change in weather. It is highly demanded to the places that host multiple visitors and homes that face the sun with glass windows. There can be a hidden benefit for installation now. The off-season prices are relatively lower as compared to the peak season. Now the summer is almost over. Still, you can prepare for the next year from now. You should explore the latest options because the market is full of products. An inadequate selection can be a financial burden. Use the installation tips below and hiring an air conditioning installation service in San Antonio TX would be your last resort.

1#. Select a suitable air conditioner

Air conditioner specifications have to be analyzed to select the best suitable unit for your place. For example, a standard size room needs basic air conditioning, and installing a unit that has a double capacity would be an overkill. You’ll just waste the money by overspending and paying the bills for the rest of your life. So, always investigate what you need, then explore the options. 

2#. Read the user manual

The manufacturers always include a user manual that has everything that you need for a successful installation. Usually, most of the AC installation companies don’t need to consult the manual because this is what they do for a living. If you plan on installing a unit yourself, then the manual is your best friend.

3#. Selection of wall is important

You must select a wall for installation intelligently. Wall plays a key role in providing you efficient air conditioning. For instance, a wall that faces a door probably is not a good selection because your air conditioner might be thronging the cooling straight outside. It is also important to inspect if the wall will be able to bear the load of a unit or not. An air conditioning service can be hired to avoid any installation problem.

4#. Wiring quality is important

The installation place must have suitable wiring. Sometimes putting an air conditioner is not planned for a room. Therefore the electrical wiring of a particular room hasn’t been installed to bear the load of an air conditioner. For example, your storeroom is probably not equipped with suitable wiring for an AC and later you want to use it for a kid.

5#. Height of the indoor unit

The efficiency of an air conditioner depends on several factors and the selection of appropriate height is one of those factors. A unit placed in the bottom of a room or on the edge of the wall probably affect the efficiency. So, consult the manual, or search on the internet to discover the correct height for the installation.

6#. Position of the outdoor unit

The positioning of the outdoor unit is very important for better performance. First of all, it shouldn’t be placed on the plain surface because rainwater can damage it. Second, avoid placing it adjacent to the wall. Finally, it must be placed within ten to fifteen feet of the inside unit.

7#. Hire a professional for installation

Doesn’t really matter how much you have prepared for this job but you still can’t match a professional with experience. If it is your first time, then it is highly recommended to hire a professional for the job and learn a few things. It will put your mind at ease as well. 

The installation of an air conditioner is not as easy as it seems. You should be prepared extremely well and should have the necessary tools for installation. You should also follow the strict guideline for an efficient installation. Although, a professional doesn’t need to follow instructions and it will be quick as well. 


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